Report: US officials say Iran behind Navy computer breach

Unnamed officials blame Tehran-backed intruders, proxies for hacking unclassified Navy data,The Washington Post reports.

cyber hack virus hacking 370 (photo credit: Jim Urquhart/Reuters)
cyber hack virus hacking 370
(photo credit: Jim Urquhart/Reuters)
Iranian cyber hackers were allegedly responsible for breaching an unclassified Navy computer network as recently as last week, The Washington Post cited unnamed US officials as saying.
According to the report, the officials said the intruders, who penetrated the  were working for the government in Tehran or as proxies with the consent of Iranian leaders.
While the American officials denied that the hackers obtained data of high significance, the incident raised new concerns within the Pentagon over advanced Iranian hacking capabilities to access military information, the Post reported.
According to the Post, the Pentagon did not confirm allegations of an Iranian-back hack.
On Friday, the presidents of the US President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke on the phone, marking the first such direct contact between presidents of the two countries since 1979.