'Swiss seize Iran nuke plant equipment'

'Al Watan': Gear worth 0.5 million euros; Swiss company believed to be involved.

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Swiss customs authorities seized mechanical equipment weighing over two tons which they suspected was destined for an Iranian nuclear plant, Al Watan reported on Friday. The equipment's estimated value was 0.5 million euros. According to the report in the Saudi-based newspaper, a Swiss company was suspected to be involved in the deal.
  • What to do about Teheran's money-laundering Swiss government officials and the Iranian embassy in Switzerland refused to comment on the report. On Monday, UN inspectors visited a nuclear reactor being built in central Iran that has been off-limits since April. Experts from the UN's nuclear watchdog, IRNA, have said access to the reactor is critical to their review of Teheran's overall nuclear activities. Iran has vowed to continue its disputed nuclear program, insisting it is peaceful and geared solely toward producing electricity. The United States and key Western allies accuse it of covertly trying to build a nuclear weapon. AP contributed to this report