Israel to open parks, campgrounds for voters on Election Day

The sites will reopen on March 23, elections day, to those who pre-register online.

Ancient port city of Tel Dor (photo credit: ISRAEL NATURE AND PARKS AUTHORITY)
Ancient port city of Tel Dor
The Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) intends to open four selected parks across the country next Tuesday, Election Day  for Israel.
The INPA said it wants to give voters a chance to enjoy the country's beautiful scenery after casting their ballot for Israel's next Knesset.
The sites to open will be the ancient port city of Tel Dor, the natural lake of Ein Hania near Jerusalem, Han Shaar HaGai - a memorial site that honors Jewish forces which entered Jerusalem in the 1948 Independence War - and the Middle Ages fort in Migdal Zedek.
For those who want to spend the night beneath the stars, the INPA will also open campgrounds around the western Negev sites of Han Beerot, Tel Arad, as well as Nahal Amud in the upper Galilee.
All of the sites were renovated and upgraded within the past year amid the coronavirus pandemic. At Shaar HaGai, new educational themes were introduced at the park, where visitors have the option to experience the soldiers' dilemma through a "telltale" like choose-your-own-path station.
In Nahal Amud, three new bike paths were paved.
Those who wish to visit any of the parks or attractions must register online. This is required to ensure the number of visitors will remain within Israel's COVID-19 health requirements.