Lin's Bee Farm

Mediterranean Health Food

Lin's Bee Farm is proud to introduce:
Lin's Natural Spreads
We created Lin’s Natural Spreads because of our
deep belief that being healthy relies on having
nutritious food.

We believe that food should be simple, pure and
in its most natural state.

Each of Lin’s spreads is a unique combination
of rich tastes and all the benefits of vitamins
and minerals.
About Us:Established in 1972 Lin's Farm is one of Israel
leading manufacturers of honey and honey
products. By placing a strong emphasis on R&D
the company produces innovative all natural and
organic products.

The company markets a unique line of natural
spreads based on high quality raw materials such
as Honey, Sesame, Almonds, Dates, Walnuts and

Each spread is based on homemade recipes with
no more then 1 to 6 ingredients.

No preservatives, No chemicals, No white sugar added.
Gluten free, Dairy free, Soy free.
Kosher Badatz.
“...May nutrition be your remedies and remedies be
your nutrition”
Lin's all natural and organic spreads is a
unique line based on natural high quality
ingredients such as: seasame, nuts, peanuts,
almonds, dates, carobs and...honey!
Rich home made taste, with all the healthy
benefits of vitamins and minerals
All products are kosher
under Rabbinical
Lin's Sugar Free Spreads
A new line of low carb sugar free

Lin's Farm is proud to introduce the most delicious
light, sugar free, low carbohydrate healthy spreads.
Based on natural, high quality ingredients such as sesame,
almonds and peanuts. Rich in dietary fibers.

Satisfies your sweet cravings without
the undesirable carb & sugar.
Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Lin's farm produces a wide range of high quality
honey and honey spread gifts, especially designed
for gift baskets. A special gift from the land of
milk and honey.
Lin's bee Farm, Kefar Bilu,76965,Israel