100,000 Israelis visit museums, tourist sites for free during Passover

The opportunity to visit these tourist spots will remain free to the public throughout the week until Friday evening.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art (photo credit: Courtesy)
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Some 100,000 Israelis have visited museums and tourist sites, and have taken guided tours around the country during the first week of Passover, all of which were provided for free to visitors.

The opportunity to visit these spots will remain free of charge to the public until Friday evening.

Some of the sites include the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Holon Museum of Design, Elk Forest, Armored Brigade Museum in Latrun and the Israeli Museum at the Rabin Center.

Others are the Biblical Lands Museum in Jerusalem, Janco Dada Museum in Ein Hod, Haifa Museum of Art, Treasures in the Walls Museum, Joe Alon Center in the Negev, Kfar Beta Israel, Ashdod Museum of Art as well as numerous other locations.

The move to open public tourist sites for free was also done to help the small businesses that operate in these places, all of whom have been harshly hit by the coronavirus lockdowns and the consequential economic downturn.
Keeping in line with the Health Ministry's guidelines in relation to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, admission to these sites is subject to pre-registration only.
The opening of public attractions came at the behest of the sponsors Bank Hapoalim in celebration of 100 years since its establishment, as part of its Passover project promoting increased tourism as Israel slowly opens from repeated coronavirus lockdowns.