The Haredi battalion leaves Judea and Samaria and moves to the north

Hundreds of the Haredi soldiers said goodbye in a festive march through the streets of Jerusalem.

 Netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers  (photo credit: HILLEL MEIR)
Netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers
(photo credit: HILLEL MEIR)

Netzah Yehuda Battalion soldiers have completed operational employment in Gush Talmonim and will soon go down for training in the Jordan Valley. They started the training yesterday (Wednesday) with a march through the streets of Jerusalem to the Western Wall Plaza.

Hundreds of soldiers from the Haredi battalion 'Netzah Yehuda' of the Kfir Brigade marched through the streets of Jerusalem yesterday (Wednesday). The journey began in Saker park and ended at the Western Wall. The march is the opening event of the regimental training that will take place in the Jordan Valley, after a period of operational activity in Judea and Samaria.

The march was accompanied by songs and dances and high spirits. During the journey, dozens of residents and citizens were seen cheering on the Haredi soldiers, some of whom even joined in the singing and dancing.

Netzah Yehuda Battalion (Credit: HILEL MEIR)Netzah Yehuda Battalion (Credit: HILEL MEIR)

During the closing ceremony at the Western Wall, the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Shlomo Sheeran, compared at the closing ceremony at the Western Wall the soldiers of the Netzach Yehuda Battalion who are on a combat journey with vest and weapons to the soldiers who breached the walls of Jerusalem 55 years ago, "We walked and they walked, we in uniform and they with a vest, we with a beret and they with Helmet, we with our heads held high and they with a fighting mode. We stood up and they stood up, we stood up to the words of the Torah and they stood up to the sound of a whistle, we quietly stood up for prayer, and they stood up at the sound of the shelling," said the battalion commander.

The CEO of the Netzah Yehuda organization, Yossi Levy, spoke to the soldiers before they left for the journey, and strengthened their spirit and their constant efforts. "It is exciting to see the hundreds of soldiers of the outstanding Netzah Yehuda Battalion, marching in Jerusalem, wrapped in the love of the residents of the city who sent greetings and marched with the fighters. The battalion forms the core of the integration of Haredi soldiers in the IDF and society and is highly regarded by the high command of the IDF and the moderate ultra-Orthodox public," he said.

Rabbi Shaul Avdiel, head of the 'Nitzotz Netzah program' section at the Netzach Yehuda association said: "We experienced a journey of exaltation and connection to the Holy, this is how the Netzach Yehuda Battalion is, a combination of the book and the sword, the Holy and the Holy of Holies."

The Netzach Yehuda battalion has ended a few months of military active service in Gush Talmonim, in Binyamin district, this week. During their service the battalion soldiers accomplished hundreds of arrests and protective as well as defensive activities, as part of keeping the safety of the civilians. They have received much praise for their service.

Rabbi Tzvi Klebanow, president and Co-founder of the Netzah Yehuda Organization, praised the soldiers for their outstanding service in the battle against terrorism. We pray for their continued success in their military operations in the north.