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Remembrance Day: Memorial held for fallen haredi IDF soldiers

A bereaved father: We gathered here today in memory and in honor of our dear sons, who gave their lives for the Land and people of Israel, and sanctified Heaven both in life and through their deaths.

The 'Under the Stretcher' NATAL commercial

Emergency hotline gets 300% more calls after soldier lit himself on fire

Israel's Trauma and Resiliency Center is prepared for more emergency calls in the wake of the soldier's attempted suicide and Remembrance Day.


Netanyahu: 'We will bring our captives and missing home'

During the Remembrance Day ceremony, Netanyahu promised that Israel will not stop until it has brought home captive and missing soldiers or citizens of the country.

Remembrance Day: Haredim support reciting Tehillim for fallen soldiers

The initiative's founders emphasized its extra importance due to tensions between the general public and ultra-Orthodox society due to COVID-19.

Remembrance Day: 43 fallen IDF soldiers in the past year

Remembrance Day ceremonies will be restricted this year due to COVID-19.


'Path of the Fallen' walks the land Israel's heroes died for

These upcoming tours will cover the nation's most important landmarks in an attempt to follow the footsteps of the soldiers and victims who sacrificed their lives to protect them.

IDF's unrecognized lone soldiers go without financial, emotional support

The circumstances behind these "anomalous" lone soldiers vary, but all of them come from homes that cannot provide them with financial or emotional support.


IDF faces a new challenge: beard complaints

Two secular (and bearded) soldiers have launched a campaign against the religious facial hair exemption, as detailed in an Agence France-Presse article published Tuesday.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz and  Brig-Gen. (ret.) Eitan Dahan hold the report

Mistreatment of soldiers by commanders still tops IDF comptroller report

For the first time in years, no complaint about racism.

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