Historical treasure hunters find Scottish soldier's tag from World War II in Hadera

A team of volunteers interested in finding historical items and sending them back to museums uncovered tags for a Scottish soldier who served in British Mandate Palestine during WWII.

IDF soldiers honored at emotional SoHo event raising PTSD awareness

It was a memorable evening in which full recognition was given to Israel’s heroic IDF soldiers, which was portrayed through art as well. 

ETHIOPIA’S PRIME Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerk embrace at the declaration

Eritrean soldiers seen leaving major towns in northern Ethiopia

Unofficial reports suggest Eritrean forces may be withdrawing from Tigrayan population centers but the current situation remains unclear.

IDF soldiers at scene of attempted stabbing attack in Gush Etzion, Jan. 31, 2021

IDF defends soldiers being probed for killing alleged Bedouin smuggler

The soldiers, from the Shahar Battalion, are claiming they only fired warning shots in the air. Did they violate the IDF's open-fire regulations?

The soldier, the barber and the tefillin: a Facebook debate

A simple interaction between two individuals turned a Facebook post into a heated debate.

Waste not want not: Ukraine is using WWII-era weaponry against Russia

The war has already seen heavy use of decades-old machinery and schematics. But what about century-old equipment?

Ukraine has lost between 10,000 and 13,000 soldiers in war - official

The remarks appeared to be the first estimate of dead since late August when the head of the armed forces said nearly 9,000 military personnel had been killed.


Five soldiers suspended for beating left-wing activist in Hebron

In another video from Hebron on Friday, a soldier told activists "Ben-Gvir will make order here."


IDF to use AI for better full battlefield intelligence - intel official

First ever Ramon GeoInt360 sees the participation of senior IDF officers alongside guests from around the world, including from the Middle East.

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