Defense Ministry to use RAFAEL to improve remote-controlled naval guns

RAFAEL will be used for ongoing maintenance services for remote-controlled "Typhoon" cannons used by the IDF Navy.

 Showing off IDF navy typhoon cannon (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
Showing off IDF navy typhoon cannon

The Defense Ministry on Tuesday signed a deal for Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. to perform ongoing maintenance services for its remote-controlled “Typhoon” cannons used by the Israel Navy when they are in operational use, it said in a press release.

Zeev Landau, the Defense Ministry’s deputy director-general and head of the Directorate of Production and Procurement, said the deal was “an advanced, first-of-its-kind agreement that will guarantee a maximum accessibility of 80%-95% for dozens of Typhoon and Mini Typhoon cannons manufactured by Rafael installed on various naval vessels, including battleships and patrol ships.”

“The agreement is part of the DOPP’s policy to progress toward multiyear contracts based on accessibility, which will significantly improve the capacity of IDF operational systems,” he said.

The ministry did not say what the percentage of improvement in accessibility would be from the deal (the difference between the current accessibility percentage and the 80%-95% expected statistic).

Generally, even highly connected defense industry companies such as Rafael are not directly involved in maintenance of weapons systems once the IDF has deployed a given product the company manufactured, especially for the Israel Navy.

 Israel Shipyards unveils new S-80 corvette (credit: ISRAEL SHIPYARDS) Israel Shipyards unveils new S-80 corvette (credit: ISRAEL SHIPYARDS)

The agreement aims to increase accessibility, reduce costs

“The agreement aims to increase accessibility and efficiency while reducing costs,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. “In addition, routine maintenance work will be performed at the highest professional level, thus ensuring optimal operational capabilities.”

“The multiyear agreement will extend for over 20 years and includes maintenance services for dozens of ‘Typhoon’ remotely controlled naval weapon stations (RCWS).

“The maintenance services provided by Rafael will bolster the technological and operational cooperation between Rafael and the Israel Navy and establish maintenance capabilities for additional systems,” the Defense Ministry said.

Capt. “Y,” head of the Naval Engineering Department, said: “The Israel Navy, together with the director of acquisitions, agreed to the first commitment of its kind with Rafael... As part of the commitment, a long-term contract was signed for the maintenance of Typhoon and Mini-Typhoon weapon stations, manufactured by Rafael, which are installed on the various vessels operated by the Israel Navy.

“RAFAEL will carry out maintenance and support of the operational array while improving the readiness of the routine security ships and missile ships of the Israel Navy.”

Dr. Ran Gozali, executive vice president and head of the Land and Naval Division at Rafael, said: “We thank the Defense Ministry and the Israel Navy for strengthening cooperation with Rafael and for [the] confidence expressed in this ground-breaking move. Rafael, as the main developer of the weapon stations, has developed extensive knowhow and accumulated experience in executing major naval projects with clients in Israel and worldwide.”

“We will manage and conduct the maintenance services for the Israel Navy in the most effective manner and in a way that will ensure the highest degree of operational capability,” he said. “This agreement is part of Rafael’s strategy to increase activity in the field of maintenance and customer support for its customers in Israel and globally.”