Israel's submarines are insurance against Iran, other enemies - Gallant

Yoav Gallant: “Israeli submarines act in unknown locations places… playing critical joint operational roles” with other arms of the IDF for many years. 

A 'sea of blood': Iran reveals its new military doctrine - analysis

Iran discusses its recent military drills, lessons learned from them and their message for the region.

A boat of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) sails, at undisclosed place

Iran claims new drills in Persian Gulf using missiles, ships

Once again, Iran said that it used locally built weapons, highlighting that it claims it doesn’t rely on other countries for its systems.

Incoming IDF chief appoints Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari as new IDF spokesperson

Hagari will be the first IDF spokesperson to emerge from the navy.

Russia's Putin sends new hypersonic cruise missiles to Atlantic

The Russian frigate 'Gorshkov' will sail the oceans armed with the hypersonic 'Zircon' cruise missiles, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The INS Magen, Israel's Sa'ar 6 corvette missile ship.

Did Iranian drones practice an attack on a model of an Israeli ship?

Iranian drone drill appears to target mock-up of Eilat naval base

Spanish government company to build ships for Saudi navy

The deal aims to fully localize shipbuilding in the kingdom in accordance with Vision 2030’s goal of establishing localized Saudi defense industries


Unkosher weapon: 'LARD missile' mistakenly promoted by Israel

A pigheaded mistake was made when the IDF called a naval interceptor "LARD" instead of "LRAD."

WATCH: Israeli Navy vessels gain ability to intercept cruise missiles in landmark test

The successful operation of the LRAD, launched with a Barak Magen air defense system from a Sa'ar 6-class corvette, represents a major milestone in defense technology.

China says it drove away US cruiser that 'illegally intruded' waters near South China Sea

China claims nearly all of the South China Sea and the waters have become a major flashpoint in its relationship with its neighbours and the US.

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