Tiv Ta'am launches new members club

 Haggai Shalom, CEO of Tiv Taam (photo credit: ASAF LEV)
Haggai Shalom, CEO of Tiv Taam
(photo credit: ASAF LEV)

Tiv Ta'am is launching a new customer club, TivClub, which is based on a digital currency program called TivCoins.

The loyalty program will be launched for more than half a million club members under which every purchase in a Tiv Ta'am store or on its website will earn the customer coins worth 3% of the value of the purchase, to be used in future purchases or in a selection of restaurants throughout the country. 

The new mechanism is in addition to discounts, personal coupons, and regular special offers exclusive to club members. Joining TivClub is free.

The digital currencies can be redeemed in about 90% of restaurants nationwide.

For the list of restaurants

According to Haggai Shalom, CEO of Tiv Taam: "The launch of the new club and the loyalty program are done in continuation of the process of price perception in which the chain began about three years ago, and their goal is to create increased customer loyalty... who today number over half a million customers." 

"Giving a 3% )accumulated) discount on every purchase will also contribute to the fight against the cost of living and the price increases typical of this period [Tishrei holidays]."