Celebrating tomorrow's hotel leaders: Graduation party at David InterContinental Tel Aviv hotel

 Mickey Lev and Franco Vella (photo credit: PR)
Mickey Lev and Franco Vella
(photo credit: PR)

Last Thursday, the David InterContinental Tel Aviv hotel hosted a remarkable graduation party that marked a pivotal moment for the future of the hospitality industry. This event celebrated the successful completion of a new hospitality management program, a collaborative effort between the hotel itself, Kinneret Academic College, and the Israel Hotel Association, designed to train the leaders of tomorrow's hotels.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of key figures, including Franco Vella, the CEO of the David Intercontinental Hotel, and Mickey Lev, the CEO of Kinneret Academic College, who joined the students and their families in congratulating the graduates.

In recent years, the tourism and hotel industry has faced substantial workforce losses, with many individuals seeking employment in other sectors. To address this challenge and breathe new life into the industry, the David InterContinental Tel Aviv hotel, in collaboration with Kinneret Academic College and with the support of the Israel Hotel Association, initiated this program to provide aspiring hotel leaders with the skills and knowledge required to excel.

The hospitality study program offers an attractive incentive for young individuals to enter the tourism sector, ensuring a robust pipeline of talent to support the industry's recovery. By retraining and equipping workers for roles in hospitality, this initiative is playing a pivotal role in bringing vitality back to the tourism and hotel industry.

As these graduates step into their roles as future leaders in the hospitality industry, they carry the hopes of revitalizing an industry that has faced significant challenges in recent years. Their passion, coupled with their education and training, promises a bright future for hospitality in Israel.