Commencing the New Year with Tislam:

  (photo credit: Mali Goldferb)
(photo credit: Mali Goldferb)

Last Thursday, the David Intercontinental Hotel ushered in the arrival of the New Year with a lively rock and roll evening featuring the iconic Tislam band. As for the culinary delights, Serrano catering from the Pilpel group provided a delectable spread.

The event boasted a distinguished guest list, including Henry and Lenny Taic, proprietors of the hotel, alongside Franco Volla, the hotel's general manager, and Tali Raz Ginot, the vice president of marketing and sales, who graciously welcomed esteemed dignitaries. Among the notable attendees were:

- Ron Huldai, the Mayor of Tel Aviv

- Alon Neta, Manager of KLM

- Professor Haim Lotan, Innovation Director at Hadassah Hospital

- Bnei Avisher and Tal Leibovitz, proprietors of Sky Production Company

- The Ambassador of Kazakhstan

- Professor Hagai, Chairman of the Medical Association

- Other prominent figures in the tourism industry

The event was a resounding success, setting a vibrant tone for the beginning of the year