Dvora Szerer will manage the public relations system of the ICI conference

  (photo credit: DVORA SZERER)
(photo credit: DVORA SZERER)

Dvora Szerer will manage the public relations and communication system of the ICI conference - the Israeli Innovation in Cardiovascular Intervention.

The conference, which continues to lead Israeli innovation in cardiology, was initiated by Prof. Chaim Lotan and Prof. Rafi Beyar, leaders in the field of cardiology in Israel.

The conference is the first and largest of its kind in the world that connects cardiology, innovation on all levels, and the global industry together with start-ups in Israel and the world. It will be held on December 10-12, 2023, at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, and will be attended by over 3,000 participants from about 40 countries. 

The participants include the heads of the leading companies in the field such as Medtronic, Edwards, Boston Scientific, Philips, and Siemens, and many other industry executives, doctors from a variety of fields, nursing teams, engineers, entrepreneurs in the medical field, representatives of medical equipment companies, venture capital funds looking for the next unicorn and many more.

Despite the global slowdown, in Israel, the entrepreneurial community is bustling with activity, the fruits of which we see and will continue to enjoy. At the conference, lectures will be held on over 50 panels and a rich exhibition of innovative technologies from Israel and the world will be presented.

Among the many topics, the conference will deal with the digital medicine revolution, new developments for medical monitoring at home, as well as cyber protection in the health world.

Also this year, as in the past, a start-up competition will be held and the DeHaan Prize of $200,000 will be awarded to the outstanding start-up. 

Prof. Beyar: "Despite the challenging economic times in the world, we continue to see a wide variety of ideas in the field of health in general and cardiovascular medicine in particular. Israel continues to be at the forefront of the world in the field.” 

Prof. Lotan: "The world of health is today characterized by digital innovation that is changing the face of medicine worldwide, but also the market of medical devices continues to promote new technologies that make it possible to treat a variety of cardiovascular diseases in a more efficient and safe manner.”

Dvora Szerer, who will manage the conference's communications and public relations, has over 25 years of experience in communications, strategy, branding, spokespersons and public relations, marketing, and crisis management with an emphasis on the health sector.

Over the years, Szerer has won awards and certificates of appreciation for unique and creative activities in the field of marketing and public relations.

Among Szerer’s prominent clients are Shmuel Harofeh Hospital, the National Transplant Center, and the Union of Emergency Room Doctors.