Bat Yam crane collapse leads to four arrests

Igor Shohat, one of the injured told Channel 2 that he narrowly escaped death when the crane collapsed on his car, while he was parked on the side of the road.

Crane collapse in Bat Yam (photo credit: MDA)
Crane collapse in Bat Yam
(photo credit: MDA)
A Bat Yam crane collapse that injured four people on Monday led to four arrests on Tuesday, police said. All of the suspects were released after interrogation.
Three are under house arrest and the fourth is banned from the construction site.
The crane disaster is being investigated by police and the Labor and Social Services Ministry.
Family members of the injured say that they knew the crane was in danger.
“We saw the crane every day, its construction and everything; it’s so close to the road.There’s huge winds because it’s near the beach, which are even greater at this time. I told my husband not long ago that it is really a matter of time before it collapses,” said Karen Saul, whose husband and nine-year-old daughter were among the injured, told Army Radio. “I was at home. I heard the crash. I knew right then what it is.”
Avi Nissenkom, head of the powerful Histadrut labor federation, criticized construction workers’ conditions in Israel, saying that the “situation is simply unbearable.”
Igor Shohat, one of the injured, told Channel 2 that he narrowly escaped death when the crane collapsed on his car while he was parked at the side of the road. “I was in the car at the wheel,” Igor said, “The crane [landed] across the car, half a millimeter away. The feeling is that it is as if I did not know if I’m alive or not alive, or whether I would live. It could be over in a second. Even if the crane did not cause death, the car could explode because of a fuel leak,” Shohat added.
i24 News anchor Ami Kaufman was also among those injured. He was in his car with his nine-year-old daughter when the crane fell on the vehicle.
“I could not come out at first, I could not open the door. I heard my daughter screaming,” Kaufman told Channel 2. “Somehow I managed to pull it open. The crane fell on its side. We ran 50 meters away and started screaming for help. Neighbors took care of us until the ambulances arrived.”