Blue and White candidate slammed after speaking of Netanyahu’s marriages

Ram Ben Barak was reprimanded by his own party after discussing the private life of Netanyahu on public radio.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo credit: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
In a Thursday interview with KANN Radio, Blue and White candidate Ram Ben Barak said the public should trust Gantz over Netanyahu due to the prime minister’s infidelity.
“Who should you believe, a man who betrayed his three wives, who had affairs, and who won’t see his [eldest] daughter because his [current] wife doesn’t let him, or a former IDF chief of staff,” Ben Barak said.
Gantz criticized Ben Barak for the statement, saying “Rami Ben Barak is a good, honest man who usually does not stoop, but he went a step too far.”
Ben Barak later told Channel 12: “What I said was correct but it was wrong to go down to where Netanyahu has led us in the campaign.”
The Likud responded by referring to rumors that Gantz’s telephone that was hacked by Iranian intelligence revealed details of him cheating on his wife, Revital.
“Ben Barak should ask Gantz to show him what Iran already saw on his phone,” the Likud said.
Journalist Matthew Kalman, who wrote about Netanyahu's affairs in the 2013 book Psycho-Bibi, said that Ben Barak's statement was inaccurate.
Netanyahu did cheat on his childhood sweetheart and first wife Micki Weizmann and his current wife Sara Netanyahu, but he found no evidence of him cheating on his second wife, Fleur Cates.
Cates converted to the Jewish faith to marry Netanyahu.
Weizmann and Netanyahu had a child together when they were married, now an adult, Noa is an observant Jewish woman who is married to Chabad Hassid and businessman Daniel Roth.
Netanyahu also has two children from his current marriage to Sara, Yair and Avner.
While Netanyahu’s private life is not usually addressed in the media the facts are publicly known and were covered in the press several times. 
Blue and White co-leader Yair Lapir is also secondly married having divorced his first wife Tamar Friedman.
Like Netanyahu, Lapid also has a son from that first marriage and two children from his current marriage.
Hagay Hacohen contributed to this story.