A tasty tad at Accad: Herzliya’s Dan Accadia Hotel has a new wine bar

A fruit platter and a dish of marvelous chocolate petits fours, which provided a pleasant ending.

Herzliya’s Dan Accadia Hotel's new wine bar. (photo credit: DANIEL LAYLA)
Herzliya’s Dan Accadia Hotel's new wine bar.
(photo credit: DANIEL LAYLA)
The opening of the new wine bar at the Dan Accadia Hotel in Herzliya Pituah could not have come at a more auspicious time. With everyone heartily sick of the overeating that characterizes observance of the High Holidays, the light food available to accompany the many fine wines on the tasting menu is the perfect answer for an evening out where moderation is the key.
Just off the main lobby of the hotel, the Accad has been decorated in modest style suggesting something akin to a London gentleman’s club with polished wood, mirrors and a few tables elegantly laid out for the expected diners.
In such a setting, the head (and only) waiter, Alex Plevsner, fits in perfectly, being a Russian-born Jeeveslike unflappable personage who sees that everything runs smoothly.
Three courses are available. While the choices are limited, there truly is something for everyone – carnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans.
Appetizers are all listed as “bruschetta” – savory snacks served on toasted Italian bread. I chose marinated roasted pepper with garlic confit, and Kalamata olive tapenade (NIS 25). This consisted of a yellow pepper, whole soft cloves of garlic and black olive spread on toast. It was quite acceptable to get the taste buds going.
My companion chose the herring with saffron aioli. This comprised pieces of pickled herring with a faintly pink garlic mayonnaise (NIS 28) and was pronounced eminently edible. For the main course, I had a small sea-bream fillet, possibly fried – very fresh, hot and delicious. It came with pea puree, a lovely shade of green, and a couple of small asparagus spears (NIS 50). My companion chose a mini-burger supposedly topped with goose breast, fried egg and onion. He searched his plate assiduously but found no trace of the goose breast or even the egg.
During our meal, Plevsner brought us various wines to taste. He explained that the purpose of opening the wine bar was to introduce Israelis and tourists to some of the wonderful wines that Israel is now producing in great quantities.
“There are over 300 wineries in Israel today,” he said, his eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. “From the Golan, the Galil, right down to the Negev and in Jerusalem, good wine is being made here and now.”
And indeed, according to the Accad menu, “With a group of young and educated winemakers, Israel is now seen as one of the most exciting regions in the world.”
There are eight wines on the tasting menu. Of those, Plevsner poured us droplets to give us an idea of the variety available. The first wine was Riesling Sahar, Tabor 2016, described as “Mineral, fruity and fresh, a local Riesling with an Australian soul” (NIS 44). We also had Pinot Noir, Lone Oak from Gush Etzion 2014 – “Israeli Pinot Noir with a Burgundian mind” (NIS 44); and Classico Flam – “One of Israel’s most celebrated red wines” (NIS 54).
We asked if there were any desserts, as the menu gave no hint of any. Plevsner brought a fruit platter and a dish of marvelous chocolate petits fours, which provided a pleasant ending to an outstanding but not oppressive evening meal.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Accad Wine Bar Kosher Accadia Hotel 122 Ramat-Yam, Herzliya Pituah Tel: (09) 959-7031 Sunday to Thursday, 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.