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La Carne: Hamburger paradise in Petah Tikva - opinion

The place is shiny and new, with outdoor tables to sit and eat at, although they clearly do a large trade in takeaway. I counted at least four helmeted motorcyclists waiting for stuff to deliver.

Tzidkiyahu: The Talpiot restaurant steps up its game - review

The service is always outstanding. Some of the servers stay for years because of the good salary and tips.


Beirut Nights: Good, plentiful food in Kfar Saba - review

Invited to sample the business lunch, we sat down at one of the outdoor tables and began to enjoy the almost Parisian vibe of the place.

Ca Phe Hanoi: Like visiting Vietnam in Tel Aviv - review

“The concept is Vietnamese food that is super-energetic,” said chef Idan Peretz. “We want the vibe of the market of Vietnam combined with the taste of Mediterranean cuisine.”


Goodness: Vegan burgers and eggs while breaking no rules - review

If vegan appeals to you, Goodness offers some really creative options.

Hatzot: A venerable Mahaneh Yehuda institution - review

Hatzot is not the oldest restaurant in the vicinity of Jerusalem’s famed Mahaneh Yehuda market, but it comes close.

Maree Sky Lounge: A welcome addition to Netanya's culinary scene - review

The decor of Maree is striking, with an open kitchen surrounded on all sides by the diners, who can follow the progress of their meal being prepared.

Angelica: Go for the taster's menu, wine pairing - review

Overall, a memorable meal and one I would be happy to have again.


Nino: Great food, but service needs work - review

While the food is very good, the service needs some work. The waitresses were inexperienced and didn’t know the menu or how to serve professionally.


Beit Melchett: Returning for lunch, leaving with good memories - review

It was a cold blustery day when we arrived at the restaurant which is situated in a glass-sided extension near the historic home of the noble British family which settled there in the thirties.

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