Pesach in TLV: Graffiti pop-up exhibition in Yad Eliyahu

 Grafitti artist YBOX (photo credit: Logik)
Grafitti artist YBOX
(photo credit: Logik)

Real estate company YBOX is inviting the public to a graffiti pop-up exhibition in a Yad Eliyahu building just before its demolition and the construction of a new building as part of an urban renewal project.

The "Magenda" exhibition, which will feature 50 graffiti artists from around the country, provides a glimpse into the world between fantasy and reality.

Each painter and artist were assigned walls to paint on in the building at 19 Lohamei Gallipoli St., Tel Aviv.

Among the prominent artists in the exhibition are logik, Dales and Sorie, kool, etc.

Graffiti artist COOL  (Credit: Aviad Dadon)Graffiti artist COOL (Credit: Aviad Dadon)

The exhibition will be open on Passover, Sun.-Tue., April 17-19, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is free.