The Story of Pesach - the double entendre exhibition in September

It was, true to its name, originally scheduled to open for Passover 2020, to mark a year since the passing of the esteemed Israeli artist Pesach Slabosky, who died on the eve of the holiday.

Beit Guvrin cave transforms into first-of-its-kind art installation

Italian contemporary artist Ivo Bisignano is showing his first solo exhibition, “Human Forms,” in the Southern Cave, one of the many caves located in the Beit Guvrin National Park.

Black Sabras - New exhibition shows art and social commitment

Mendes-Flohr’s new exhibition runs until the end of September at the Agripas 12 Gallery near Mahaneh Yehuda.

'The Eye Longs for Happiness' - Home away from home

The exhibitors include couple – in life and studies/work – Yul Shif and Nimrod Landsman’s “Since We Are Never Even Here” video creation, which digs deep into the recesses of the Internet.

Arad Contemporary Arts Center hopes to put city on the global arts scene

The ACAC has become a space for exploring ancient water collecting methods, cherishing social relations and offering a new path forward in Arad’s cultural importance.

A frame from the video installation by artists Roee Rosen and Ruti Sela.
Marseille Jamilla parodies the painful truth of the Arab-Israeli conflict

By using humor as their weapon, Rosen and Sela are forcing gallery-goers to ponder the policies of various modern-day leaders.

THE ARTWORK of Adi Fluman on view at the CCA
Two exhibitions at Tel Aviv's CCA challenge notions of memory

Adi Fluman and Irma Blank’s techniques and themes couldn’t seem more different. A closer look reveals that both produced art that asks, through objects and words, how memories come into being.

A drawing from Hadar Mordechay’s book.
Exhibition at the Musrara Art School in Jerusalem: an undecided journey

Grappling with topics such as the urban experience and sexual self-expression, some of the projects hit the aesthetic mark while others remain a mere promise.

Artist Carmel Ilan puts paper on the fine art map

It is only in the past decade that paper artists have received the credit and attention they deserve.

Photographer Alex Levac’s new offering - Yesh Matsav

Isn’t that what the photographer does? He or she documents “the situation,” naturally with their own personal creative slant.

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