Creative cuisine in Modi’in

Anabe offers flavorful food in a scenic location.

Food from Anabe  (photo credit: Courtesy)
Food from Anabe
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Anabe is a vibrant restaurant in a calm and peaceful setting. Arriving from the ever-noisy and bustling streets of central Tel Aviv, we were immediately struck by the serene surroundings of the restaurant in Modi’in. We went there for dinner, but the view of the Anabe Park and Esplanade would make a beautiful setting for breakfast or lunch on the patio.
The interior of the restaurant is pleasant and modern, familyfriendly but also a good spot for a romantic meal or a fun night out with friends.
The staff were very attentive, already offering us something to drink as we waited to be seated. We were soon led to a candlelit table for two. I ordered a glass of red Malbec wine (NIS 32), and my partner ordered a bottle of Leffe Blonde beer (NIS 32). While I was in the mood for wine that night, the barman appeared to be doing a good job of mixing temptinglooking cocktails behind the bar.
We began our meal with perfectly flame-grilled eggplant, topped with tahini, a boiled egg and a mild green pepper (NIS 40). In addition, we had fried cauliflower (NIS 42), which was nicely zesty due to the lemon seasoning, as well as tasty falafel made with quinoa, which gave it an original twist. The falafel balls were topped with delicious strips of crispy onion, served on a bed of fresh salad (NIS 44). Our starters were accompanied by warm house bread with a pesto dip and a tomato salsa (NIS 22).
For the main course, I opted for the Corvina fish (NIS 98). The fish was cooked satisfactorily and was served on artichoke and citrus zest puree, which was delightfully sweet and tangy. The fish was accompanied by spinach and zucchini.
My dining companion went for a steak with chimichurri (NIS 124), which he demolished with gusto, though he had no room left for his side of mashed potatoes topped with crispy onions.
Bursting at the seams by this point, we decided to share a dessert – vanilla ice cream served with a generous helping of halva strands, pistachio nuts and drizzled with raw tahini and date honey (NIS 32). It was the perfect dessert for the tahini-loving sweet tooth. The restaurant owner sent us a bonus dessert of pineapple ice cream (NIS 45), which was beautifully presented, served in the shell of half a pineapple on a bed of mintflavored crushed ice.
Dining at Anabe is an all-round enjoyable experience, and the waiters go above and beyond to make their customers feel happy and spoiled.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Anabe Not kosher 1 Emek Zvulun, Modi’in Tel: 077-729-6363