Eurovision: Eden Alene song tries to connect separated Israeli families

Release of this clip marks the launch of IAC360, a new and innovative digital platform that can be found online at

Eden Alene (photo credit: EUROVISION)
Eden Alene
(photo credit: EUROVISION)
 The Israeli-American Council (IAC) has released a video clip with Eden Alene, Israel’s representative to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, singing “We Will Meet in Our Dreams,” a gentle, beautiful song in Hebrew about the longing for faraway loved ones. 
Alene is joined in the song by dozens of Israelis in America, and the release of this moving clip marks the launch of IAC360, a new and innovative digital platform that can be found online at This platform offers free courses and events designed to keep Israelis and American Jews connected and active together. 
The IAC feels that the website will be helpful now because the COVID-19 pandemic continues to divide Jewish and Israeli families across the globe. Even though many Israelis have been vaccinated, access to the vaccine is still difficult for most in the US. The mutations of the virus have caused Israeli authorities to close the skies to all but a handful of travelers for the foreseeable future, dashing hopes of family reunions for the upcoming Passover in April. For many families, sadly, this will mark the second year that the coronavirus has kept them apart during the holiday. 
The courses on the website are for children of all ages, as well as teenagers, young adults and older adults and include Hebrew courses for all levels, Jewish history, getting through the pandemic, empowerment for girls, Eurovision, Krav Maga, baking, pro-Israeli activism training, knitting and many other topics, all with an Israeli flair. 
Upcoming events include a virtual tour of Jerusalem, a cooking class for vegan Passover meals, Independence Day events and much more. 
Alene, who won the right to represent Israel in Eurovision in 2020, will be taking part in the rescheduled competition in May since the 2020 edition did not take place due to the pandemic. She always sings wonderfully, and her rendition of “We Will Meet in Our Dreams” may be the best performance of her career. Anyone who enjoys Israeli music will want to see this clip.