Flamenco Days, weeks and years

A celebratory edition of ‘Flamenco Days’ festival opens at the Suzanne Dellal Center next week.

Twenty-five years ago, following the loss of her daughter, Eva Agmon established the Flamenco Days Festival. Over three days of dance and music at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv, Agmon honored the memory of her child, who had been an avid Flamenco fan. The festival featured top Flamenco artists from around Israel as well as the biggest names from Spain. In addition, the Adi Foundation hosts an annual competition for young dancers, the winners of which receive support to pursue their career in dance abroad.
Next week, Flamenco Days will once again take over the Suzanne Dellal Center with a particularly celebratory edition. The event will begin with a performance of Bailables by Spanish stars Rafael Estevez and Valeriano Panos. Estevez and Panos are award-winning performers and choreographers. Their works have been seen throughout the world to great acclaim. Bailables, meaning “danceable” is a staged reflection on the trajectory of modern Flamenco. Where once artists stuck to rigid rules about what sounds and movements could be part of a Flamenco performance, today contemporary Flamenco has become infinitely more inclusive. Choreographers have opened their horizons to include influences from far beyond Spain, and the results are dazzling. While in town, Estevez and Panos will also teach a master class.
Violinist Tania Vinokur will bring her take on Spanish tradition to the festival with Gypsy-The Violin Show. Vinokur is another example of the broadening of Flamenco horizons. In her celebrated album with the Cinco Ensemble, Vinokur brings the time-tested traditions of Flamenco to the orient, mixing European, Asian and northern African sounds. The performance is free and open to the general public.
And from Israel, choreographer Sharon Sagi will present Lorca & Blackbird. The performance will feature Sagi, musicians Shuki Shwiki and Ofir Atar, as well as actor Rafael Emanuel Ran.
Israeli Flamenco Morning will gather together the various local Flamenco troupes from around the country in a showcase performance of what’s new. These companies each have their own, specific take on Flamenco. Together, they will present a kaleidoscope of movement and music.
The Adi 2019 competition will bring Israel’s brightest, rising Flamenco stars to the stage in three installments. These dancers will be asked to perform a set choreography, Caracoles, which was taught during a master class with Ursula Lopez at last year’s festival. They will then be free to perform a number of their choosing.
The Flamenco Days Festival will take place from March 28-30 at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv. For tickets or more information, visit suzannedellal.org.il or call 03-510-5656.