The Moon sushi bar offers an authentic Japanese experience.

A dish at the Moon sushi bar (photo credit: SHAW RODGERS)
A dish at the Moon sushi bar
(photo credit: SHAW RODGERS)
Moon is anything but your average sushi joint. Opened more than a decade ago, it is on my list of top sushi places in Tel Aviv. I have been there numerous times and can say that each time, I have left happy and satisfied. When it comes to an authentic Japanese food experience, this is as good as it gets, from the different types of sake to the sushi itself.
What appears very modest from the outside turns into an impressive, full-scale restaurant the moment you walk through the doors. Beautiful decor accented by subtle lighting makes for a wonderful ambience. The restaurant is sectioned off so you don’t feel lost inside and still get an intimate restaurant vibe. There is a bar near the entrance, but we chose to sit at the upstairs bar so we could watch the sushi masters in action.
Moon has an extensive menu featuring almost everything you could want from a Japanese restaurant, such as sushi and sashimi, as well as tempura and sukiyaki. Our waitress was amazing. She seemed very busy rushing around, yet she never once kept us waiting for anything.
 Cocktail at the Moon Sushi bar.
Cocktail at the Moon Sushi bar.
We started our culinary journey with tuna and yellowtail sashimi (NIS 63) with Japanese citrus sauce, roasted pistachio and sunflower sprouts. Beautifully presented, the quality of the sashimi was outstanding. Very delicate and smooth. We were then presented with a sushi platter that consisted of four types of rolls. We first tried the Oshi Unagi roll (NIS 46). Accompanied by eel, salmon, tuna, bass avocado, sweet potato and chives, the contrast of colors made it a visual delight. The combination of all the flavors was extraordinary, and the fish just melted in the mouth. Next up was Mr. Perfect (NIS 43). This dish was truly a sensory experience of taste and smell. First off, the salmon emitted a tantalizing “grilled” aroma that begged for it to be eaten. Second, the combination of sake and red wine provided the fish with the perfect blend of salty and sweet.
In between, we were treated to Kikusui Pefect Snow unfiltered sake. I am normally not a fan of sake; however, this one went down smoothly and was delightfully sweet.
This was followed by the tuna panko (NIS 49). Seared very lightly, the tuna was extremely tender. The flavor of the pieces of tuna increased exponentially when they were allowed to sit.
Last we sampled the white kiss (NIS 35), made up of seared and spicy sea bass, avocado, cucumber and chives. Not only is bass a fatty, flavorful fish, but the tenderness is unparalleled.
After a bit of a breather and sipping on some Japanese green tea, we were excited about dessert. The delectable treat was mochi – three rice balls filled with mango, green tea and acai berry. Sweet, chewy and scrumptious, it was the perfect end to a perfect meal.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Moon Not kosher 58 Bograshov St., Tel Aviv Tel: (03) 629-1155