Rabbi Louk to sing with Benayoun, Sakharof, Elad Levi in concert

Rabbi Haim Louk is a Jewish liturgical musician who has mixed with a diverse range of styles and genres.

(photo credit: SHMULIK BALMAS)

Rabbi Haim Louk is our preeminent performer of Jewish liturgical music and has been for some time. Over the past couple of decades or so the 79-year-old Moroccan-born singer has also mixed it with a diverse range of artists, from all sorts of styles and genres.

That eclectic take on his craft is behind his forthcoming concerts, at the Zappa Club in Jerusalem, on October 19 and December 15, when he teams up with Mizrahi-leaning singer-songwriter Amir Benayoun, ethnically spiced rocker Berry Sakharof and Andalusian music violinist Elad Levi in a liturgical powerhouse showing under the auspices of Confederation House.

The concert is being presented under the title “Song of Life,” alluding to the repertoire which is based on the richly layered oeuvre Louk has amassed over the past half-century. During that time Louk also spent 14 years in the United States, where he served as a cantor.

Confederation House CEO and artistic director Effie Benaya points out that the shows signal the launch of a fresh initiative by the cultural institution. “The tribute concerts, dedicated to the work of liturgical singer Rabbi Haim Louk, are being held as part of the Haim Gouri Cultural Center.

“The new center was recently established at Confederation House in collaboration with the Municipality of Jerusalem,” Benaya adds.

Israeli singer Amir Benayoun (credit: OHAD ROMANO / WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)Israeli singer Amir Benayoun (credit: OHAD ROMANO / WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

Gouri was a novelist, songwriter, journalist and documentarist, but was probably best known as an Israel Prize-winning poet. He died in Jerusalem in 2018 at the age of 94. Benaya described Gouri as “one of the pillars of Israeli society and culture.” 

The Confederation House head says culture consumers can look forward to plenty more accolade events dedicated to other giants of the local cultural scene.

“These tribute concerts are the curtain-raiser of a series of varied cultural events to be held under the umbrella of the new center,” Benaya explains.

Louk certainly fits the pantheon member bill, and has been delighting and moving audiences of all ages and ethnic shades, across the country and, indeed, around the world, for many a year. Long may this continue.

For tickets and more information: bimot.co.il, *6226, Zappa-club.co.il, *9080, (02) 539-9360 and http://www.confederationhouse.org