SCREEN SAVERS: The Globes go black, and ‘Fauda’ is back

It seems that as an outgrowth of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, actresses attending the ceremony will be wearing mostly basic black.

Fauda (photo credit: COURTESY YES)
(photo credit: COURTESY YES)
Black will be the new black at the Golden Globes, which will air on the evening of January 7 in Hollywood and in the early morning of January 8 here. It will be broadcast live on YES Drama starting at 2 a.m. local time, and there will be a repeat broadcast on Monday night at 7:45 p.m.
It seems that as an outgrowth of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, actresses attending the ceremony will be wearing mostly basic black and, perhaps more surprising, have pledged to dress modestly.
However, in the spirit of these ever-changing times, there has already been a backlash against this backlash, led by actress Rose McGowan, one of the first women to accuse movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of assault. In spite of this, the New York Post has cited key insider sources — assistants to red-carpet dress designers — who said most actresses will stick to the modesty plan, so the ceremony may look more like a wedding in Bnei Brak than what we’re used to at what is traditionally Hollywood’s tipsiest and most risque (and most fun) night.
Many of the predicted winners will reflect this more somber spirit, notably The Handmaid’s Tale (shown locally on HOT), which should take Best Drama Series. Elisabeth Moss is expected to win the Best Actress in a Drama Award for her portrayal of everyone’s favorite dystopian sex slave in that series.
In general, movies and television shows with strong female characters are expected to do well. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is about a 1950s Upper West Side housewife who becomes a stand-up comedian, is expected to win for Best Comedy Series, and Rachel Brosnahan, its lead, should win Best Actress in a Comedy. Mrs. Maisel is an extremely enjoyable series from Amazon that streams on Amazon Prime. But bizarrely, given its obvious Jewish appeal, it is not available on any of the networks here.
The TV Best Supporting Actor and Actress are predicted to be Alexander Skarsgård and Laura Dern from Big Little Lies (shown here on YES and HOT), a show that perfectly captures the zeitgeist. It’s about older, intelligent and gorgeous women in an achingly beautiful beachfront community who suffer at the hands of an abusive man.
Big Little Lies
also should win easily in the TV Movie/Limited series category, and its stars — Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman — should look like Mafia widows as they come on stage.
By now, if you are a Fauda fanatic, like an increasing number of people all over the globe, you know that the first episode of Season Two of Fauda ran on December 31 on the new channel YES Edge. If you missed it, you can catch it on YES VOD. It will be available on Netflix with English subtitles on a date yet to be announced.
While some worried that the new season, which is about an Israeli counterintelligence unit and the Palestinians they fight, couldn’t keep up the frenetic pace of the previous one, there are enough explosions, attacks, betrayals and unexpected deaths in the first episode of the new season to banish that notion.
New episodes will be broadcast on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on YES Edge. The new Fauda season actually inaugurated the channel, which is Channel 18. YES Edge presents programs that are supposedly, well, edgier than on its other channels. In addition to Fauda, these include series from the Showtime and F/X networks, such as The Americans.
YES Oh, the previous inhabitant of this frequency, which presents mainly programming from HBO, is now on Channel 19. Confused? Keep this near your TV for future reference.
I never would have thought there needed to be a remake of the movie Get Shorty, but that was before I saw the miniseries with Chris O’Dowd and Ray Romano, which is loosely based on the Elmore Leonard novel. It has basically the same relationship to the original film that the movie Fargo has to the television series of that name: a similar plot and atmosphere. Get Shorty airs on YES Edge on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. and on YES VOD.