Served with love

Espresso Bar Bistro on Brenner Street is one of Ra’anana’s most popular rendezvous

A dessert at Espresso Bar Bistro (photo credit: Courtesy)
A dessert at Espresso Bar Bistro
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Ra’anana is full of kosher eateries. Some come and go, some have stayed the course for years. The Espresso Bar Bistro on Brenner Street is one of the latter. It has been a popular rendezvous for over six years and shows no sign of losing its popularity.
“What is the secret?” we ask the owner, Lior Tizabi.
“A lot of love,” he says with a smile. “I try and be here all evening until we close at midnight, making sure everything is running smoothly.”
Lior was born into a catering family; his father owned an events hall, which he started soon after emigrating from Iran. His brother Liron runs another kosher restaurant in Ra’anana, Kazan, which is known for its steaks.
The restaurant, housed in an old villa, has a wonderfully bucolic feel to it, with its large plateglass windows, front and back, looking onto an awning-covered patio full of plants and a tree-lined road.
The menu is quite extensive for a dairy restaurant, and we both chose slightly offbeat dishes for our starters. My companion picked a mozzarella burrito filled with buffalo cheese served with fresh chopped artichoke hearts, pesto and croutons (NIS 60). I settled for grilled eggplant with tomato salsa and tehina (NIS 42).
The burrito was a very filling dish, and the best part of it were the croutons, spicy with a lemony overtone and deep-fried, which I suppose makes anything taste good.
The grilled eggplant, often served as a whole vegetable with tehina on the side, is served here chopped and spread on the plate with blobs of tehina topped with a slice of chili pepper around the edges. It was an aesthetic and tasty starter.
For my main course, I chose the sea bream with tossed vegetables, and when the waiter brought it to the table, I thought I would faint from the overpowering garlic aroma wafting toward my nose. I love garlic, so this is not a criticism, just an observation. It was very fresh, perfectly cooked and the stir-fry of julienned courgettes, carrots, mushrooms and green beans went well as an accompaniment to the fish (NIS 110).
My companion chose the grilled sea bass (burri), a very “meaty” and satisfying fish that needs very little flavoring other than salt and pepper. The side dish of gnocchi, was dripping with butter and cream and was, needless to say, delicious (NIS 110).
We drank a glass of red wine each, one a Cabernet Gamba and one a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Barkan winery, which, together with a glass of soda water flavored with a slice of orange, were more than adequate as thirst-quenchers (Courtesy) (Courtesy)out & about highlights dining events movies television 17 A high score Mexico 70 – An Israeli beer for the Mondial • By DOUG GREENER As soccer world cup fever reaches a fever pitch in Israel, an Israeli craft beer brewer has introduced a Mondial-themed beer to help you get through the next nine days until the final game.
(NIS 35).
For dessert I chose my favorite, crème brulee (NIS 42), which proved to be a thin layer of rich, firm custard on wafer-thin, crispy pastry served with forest fruits (NIS 42). It did not disappoint. My companion virtuously chose the sugar-free cheesecake (NIS 38) and assured me it was very good.
Two top-notch espressos rounded off what was an excellent – even memorable – meal.
Espresso Bar Bistro
Brenner Street 6, Ra’anana
Tel. (09) 974-5316
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.