The Lounge: February 27, 2018

The latest social news from Israeli life.

Runners at Tel Aviv's annual marathon, February 23, 2018 (Magen David Adom spokesperson) (photo credit: MAGEN DAVID ADOM)
Runners at Tel Aviv's annual marathon, February 23, 2018 (Magen David Adom spokesperson)
(photo credit: MAGEN DAVID ADOM)
1. Fattal
Some 19 years after founding the Fattal hotel chain, David Fattal and his sons Nadav, Assaf and Yuval, together with the company’s senior managers, CEO Avia Mizrahi-Magen and CFO Shahar Aka, launched the company’s trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
The Fattal hotel chain, which owns 32,000 rooms in 167 hotels in 17 countries, opened trading at a market value of NIS 3.9 billion. The Israeli tourism sector is made up of seven companies and has a market value of NIS 11 billion. Fattal is the largest company in the industry, and will enter the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Index TA-90 and Index TA-125 in early May 2018.
2. WeizmannVibe
WeizmannVibe, the youth club run by the Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science, hosted an incredible Purim party this past Saturday night in the Shalom Tower in Tel Aviv. All proceeds from the event will be used for scholarships for students at Weizmann.
Amir Shaltiel, chairman of the club and Yael Goren-Wegman, director of the Friends of the Institute, celebrated at the party with friends Michal and Avner Stepak, Doshi Leitersdorf and Shira Sagol.
3. Charney Center
Tzili Charney, a founder of the Leon Charney Resolution Center, held a 24-hour Peace Talk Marathon at the EMIS International School in Kfar Hayarok with dozens of Israeli and Palestinian students, together with youth from around the world. At the end the 24-hour period, the youth had formulated a written understanding, which they signed at a festive ceremony that was attended by EMIS principal Gili Roman and Michal Atzmon, the director of the Charney Resolution Center.
4. Morris Kahn
For the eighth consecutive year, an Israeli medical delegation led by billionaire philanthropist Morris Kahn set out for rural areas in Ethiopia to perform eye surgery. Kahn told the delegates on the arduous journey, “This is not a dress rehearsal – it’s real life. Don’t waste your time – live life to your full potential.”
Among the participants were film producer Alon Hananya, a co-founder of the project; Dr. Itai Ben-Zion, an ophthalmologist and a co-founder of the project; Mai Ben-Zion, a volunteer; Moti Sharf, consultant to Morris Kahn; and Dafna Jackson, from Morris Kahn’s business group. They celebrated with Batelem, who was blind until undergoing a recent operation in Ethiopia.
5. Adidas
The Samsung Marathon is taking place for the 10th consecutive year. In preparation for the marathon, Adidas constructed an ecological VIP complex, which was organized by Liat Moliov. Guests were pampered with massages, healthy meals and live performances.
Attending were Avi Levy, CEO of Melisron; Yaron Eshel, CEO of Gazit Globe; and of course Adidas Israel CEO Shalom Moliov. They welcomed guests Martin Shankland, CEO of Adidas Middle East and John Tuck, VP Marketing for Middle East.
Translated by Hannah Hochner.