The Lounge: January 1, 2019

FROM LEFT, Amina Aharis, Soraya and Younes Nazarian, Yair Green, Sharon Nazarian and Noam Leef (photo credit: MATAN REISMAN)
FROM LEFT, Amina Aharis, Soraya and Younes Nazarian, Yair Green, Sharon Nazarian and Noam Leef
(photo credit: MATAN REISMAN)
Children in Danger
A fundraising event for the Children in Danger organization was held in the Smolarz Auditorium in Tel Aviv. The organization works with children in boarding schools and without a family environment. All the proceeds from the fundraising event will be devoted to improving the situation of the 10,000 children who have been removed from their homes due to difficult circumstances as well as to creating better prospects for young people and students from boarding schools, who start their journey into life by themselves.
These following guests joined forced to help children in need: Irit Izakson, chairwoman of the First International Bank of Israel and chairman of the Friends Circle, Yaron Brown, Roni Hizkiyahu, Rami and Yehudit Nussbaum, Suzy and Dan Propper, Nathan Hetz, Smadar Barber-Tzadik and Amit Mashiah – director of the McCann advertising agency who received an award for 20 years of volunteer work for the organization.
Ima Foundation
At a ceremony held at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, scholarships were awarded by the Ima Foundation and philanthropists Younes and Soraya Nazarian. The scholarships were given to students who were accepted to the chamber music program for outstanding musicians. The Nazarians, who attended the ceremony, are among the leaders of the Los Angeles Jewish community and are known as philanthropists who do a great deal for the community in the US and Israel in the fields of education, art and culture. The following people were seen at the ceremony: Dr. Sharon Nazarian, daughter of the Nazarians, Prof. Yinam Leef, president of the Academy, Adv. Yair Green, chairman of the Board, Amina Aharis, chairman of the Board of Governors, members of the academic staff, students and guests.
Credit Isracard
Isracard chairman and CEO Dr. Eyal Wechsler hosted approximately 400 private premium customers and business partners in an annual event held by the company to mark the new year.
The event was held at the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv. At the center of the evening was a performance by Assaf Amdursky, Shlomi Shaban and Yael Kraus.
Haifa U. Friends
The University of Haifa Senior Economic Forum and members of the University’s Friends Association met on Thursday at the Herods Tel Aviv. Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo shared insights from his experience in security and answered questions from the participants. The event was hosted by the president of the University of Haifa; Prof. Ron Rubin, the chairman of the Board of Directors; businesswoman Molly Eden; Galia Albin, who was appointed president of the Friends of Haifa University; and the director of the Friends Association, Shira Ben Or.
Ruach Tovah
For the first time in Israel, and in anticipation of Good Deeds Day 2019, a volunteer business conference was held in Tel Aviv for the organization Ruach Tovah. The conference was attended by dozens of business representatives who, together with Ruach Tovah, led more than 12,000 employees to volunteer during 2018. The conference was attended by: Jason Arison, chairman of the Ted Arison Family Foundation, Kenan Rabino, VP of Vision Initiatives in the Family Foundation, Rafi Elul, chairman of the Ruach Tovah Association, Hanna Radu, deputy chairman of McCann and others.
Translated by Juliane Helmhold