University of Haifa

University of Haifa grants honorary degrees to Bill Clinton, NYU president

The University of Haifa thanked Clinton for his support for Israel, his actions promoting coexistence in the region and his friendship with former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Bill Clinton, ex-NYU pres. to receive honorary doctorates from U. of Haifa

Ron Robin: Bill Clinton and John Sexton express In their many years of activity to promote a diverse and egalitarian society, coexistence and a commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Teaching Israelis about US Jewry at the University of Haifa

Prof. Barak-Gorodetsky explained that from his perspective, the program has affected Israeli society and that there is a lot less ignorance toward American Jews as a result.


Going on an artistic journey with a needle

Artist Batia Shani hand-embroidered robes for acclaimed artist Marina Abramovic and distinguished architect and urban planner Moshe Safdie.


Israeli researchers identify Parkinson's nerve cell processes for first time - study

One of the problems in developing treatments is the fact that only 15% of Parkinson’s cases are caused by known genetic factors.

Can PTSD be diagnosed via saliva? - study

Thanks to this study, it could be possible, in the future, to use objective molecular and biological characteristics to diagnose PSTD sufferers, taking into account environmental influences.

University of Haifa to award over $120m. in Jewish studies scholarships

$120 million will be earmarked for students studying Jewish religion, heritage and history, and an additional $3 million will go towards female students with financial issues.


The Jewish Publication Society collection to be donated to Israel

Irvin Ungar presents a valuable literary gift to the University of Haifa: A collection of books on American Jewish cultural history.


US Senator Cassidy touts US-Israel relationship at University of Haifa

Cassidy is a staunch supporter of Pro-Israel causes in the United States Congress.

Maladaptive daydreaming may be a better diagnosis for some than ADHD - study

Findings from a new study suggest that there is a subgroup of those diagnosed with ADHD who would benefit more from a diagnosis of Maladaptive Daydreaming.

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