The Promised Land for Trail riders

There are those who speculate that modern-day Arabians horses are direct descendants of King Solomon’s horses.

A camel trail in the Judea Desert (photo credit: Courtesy)
A camel trail in the Judea Desert
(photo credit: Courtesy)
King Solomon, with his legendary stables at Megiddo (Armageddon), was one of the most significant horse breeders of the ancient world. In Song of Songs, King Solomon wrote: “I have compared thee, O my love, to a Mare in Pharaoh’s Stable.” This line expresses King Solomon’s deep love for horses. There are those who speculate that modern-day Arabians horses are direct descendants of King Solomon’s horses.
As a horse's lover from one hand and a very proud Israeli from the other hand, I wanted to share my love and passion to my country with horse lovers from all around the world.
Yair Sharet in the Carmel area / CourtesyYair Sharet in the Carmel area / Courtesy
In a way, King Solomon and his amazing horse stories gave me the confidence that the land of Israel has the potential to become a very attractive Equestrian Tourism destination.
I had the privilege of establishing Sirin Riders nearly a decade ago (2010).
We run riding vacations all over Israel. Our goal is to provide for each of our clients a ride of a life time. For me, it’s all about the combination of real and challenging trail riding and the uniqueness of Israel: the history, archaeology, people, and  stories of this land.
What is personal tourism? For us, the horses are a vehicle (real 4x4) that enables our clients to explore the unbeaten tracks of Israel.
The Promised Land for trail riders
Israel has it all. In a strip of land less than 400 miles in total, there is a stunning variety of riding terrain: from the green mountains in the North, to the arid deserts of the South, the Mediterranean Sea to the West, and the ancient and healing Dead Sea to the east. Forests, nature reserves, vineyards, orchards, and lush valleys populate throughout. One of the main advantages of Israel for us as trail riders is the variety of landscapes in such a small area. In just one day, you can ride in the forests of the Carmel Area, and then trailering the horses for less than 100 miles, you find yourself in the middle of Judea desert.
The fact that most of the lands in Israel are state-owned gives us the freedom to ride all over the country. The combination of breathtaking scenery, exhilarating trails, and incomparable archaeological and historical sites make Israel the ultimate horseback riding vacation destination.
Family ride in the eastern Galilee / CourtesyFamily ride in the eastern Galilee / Courtesy
The Galilee
is the first and foremost place for trail riding in Israel. In the Galilee’s 200 square kilometers, there is a plethora of scenery and vital historical sites including the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, Mt. Tabor, the hills of Nazareth, the Carmel mountains, and Tel Megiddo (Armageddon) among others.
One of the most attractive trails of the Galilee is the Jesus Trail. The Jesus Trail is a 44-mile trail that connects Nazareth to Capernaum. Our Jesus Trail ride gains in popularity every year. It is a fascinating combination of a beautiful ride and historical experience.
Pilgrim ride on the Jesus Trail / CourtesyPilgrim ride on the Jesus Trail / Courtesy
The Judean Desert is a place that many riders from around the world rank as the most spectacular place they’ve ever been, let alone been on a horse. Pictures cannot even begin to describe it fully.
In addition to our riding vacation for experienced riders, we offer a variety of one day rides and tailor made riding adventures for beginners or even for non-riders. We plan rides according to the wish list of our clients. We combine delicious meals and many others surprises. We have lot of experience with Bar Mitzvah rides and many other family rides. Our offers include a cattle drive in the Galilee and some other outdoor workshops for management teams.
During the last few years I have had the pleasure to host many trail riders from all over the world. I am proud to say that, according to our client feedback, our objectives are fully achieved. We continue to strive to meet the benchmarks for success that we set for Sirin Riders, to allow visitors the most unique and enjoyable ride of a lifetime here in Israel, the equestrian Promised Land. I would be very happy to see you riding with us soon.
View over the Tzeelim Kenyon, Judean DesertView over the Tzeelim Kenyon, Judean Desert
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THE AUTHOR: Yair Sharet is the founder and owner of Sirin Riders, Israel’s leading trail riding vacations provider. The Sharet family immigrated to Israel in 1882. Yair was born and raised in Kibbutz Degania B near the Jordan river and served in Israel's army in the special forces.