The tourist secret! Zimertop

The site that will change everything you thought about a vacation in Israel is revealed to you for the first time

Zimertop helps you find the perfect Israeli getaway (photo credit: Courtesy)
Zimertop helps you find the perfect Israeli getaway
(photo credit: Courtesy)
If we told you that there is a tourist secret that has been hidden from you for so many years and that for the first time you are going to be exposed to a holiday different from anything you knew, would you believe it?
Israel is always an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world due to the special combination of historical places and a comfortable climate most of the year. In 2018, 4.1 million tourists arrived in Israel, an increase compared with 2017. Some 890,000 came from the United States, 346,000 from France, 150,000 from Italy, 152,000 from Poland and more.
Naturally, tourists choose to stay in hotels, with the leading destinations being Jerusalem with 34% of tourist stays, and Tel Aviv with 24% of overnight stays. One of the tourism sectors that has been on the rise in recent years in Israel is rural lodging in Zimmer, which has not yet been exposed to tourists coming to Israel overseas, mainly due to a lack of awareness and the appropriate technology that enables them to enjoy a holiday in an experiential and different style from what they’ve known up until now.
About two months ago, "Pirsumedia netgroup"  presented the new "Zimertop" site in English, which allows tourists from all over the world to be exposed to the Zimmer industry through online reservations, which provides surfers from all over the world the possibility to book a safe vacation in Israel. As part of an online reservation, the visitors will be able to reserve the chosen Zimmer for themselves, to receive the option of cancellation and to receive a safe order.
Find the perfect place to vacation in Israel through Zimertop / Courtesy
Find the perfect place to vacation in Israel through Zimertop / Courtesy
Surely you’ll ask yourself how is a rural holiday different from staying in a traditional hotel? The answer is that this is a completely different vacation that takes you out of the urban environment that you know, out of your living environment, and takes you to nature, to a private and empowering experience that can provide you with a family vacation you never knew about.
I will try to show you the advantages of a country vacation and staying in a guest house over a hotel accommodation by focusing on three different points:
Privacy - When we go on vacation we try to "escape" from daily life, from work, from the routine we experience every day. The goal on vacation is to break away from everything you know and just enjoy family quality time. Vacation in a hotel is not a private vacation and if you’ve vacationed in Israel during the summer you surely know about the busyness and noise in the dining room, the dozens of people who are with you in the hotel pool and the noise in the hotel corridors. A vacation in a Zimmer is different from everything you knew because you are in a private area where you are the only ones vacationing, where you can spend quality family time without outside interference.
Nature and landscape - Israeli hotels are located in urban areas and in most cases in the heart of the urban environment, in the city center. B&Bs offer you to be exposed to the Land of Israel and its landscapes in a completely different way, to vacation in a private compound situated on the side of a mountain facing an amazing view or in the middle of nature. Enjoy hiking trails in the forests and rivers of the North, take jeep or ATV tours, sit in front of the amazing view with a glass of wine or coffee at sunset and even wake up to the sunrise as you never saw it.
Get a better vacation in Israel through Zimertop / Courtesy
Get a better vacation in Israel through Zimertop / Courtesy
A culinary experience - When you are staying at a hotel, you experience Israeli food in the dining room of the hotel or in restaurants in city centers. Did you really get a taste of authentic Israeli cuisine? A vacation in a Zimmer allows you to choose the breakfast you want to eat, you can order your own chef meals and more importantly a short drive from the guest house will expose you to authentic and unique Israeli restaurants, which cannot be found in the main cities but in the smaller villages and the Arab villages, in which you will discover a different folklore and actually a rural vacation that will allow you to get to know Israeli cuisine like you have never experienced before.
Have you visited Israel? Have you been in a hotel in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea or Eilat? We are now exposing you to a vacation that will be different from anything you have ever known. A vacation in a quality B&B will enable you to experience the Land of Israel in a different and more enjoyable way with a family experience that suits your personal needs, an experience that will bring your family closer, that will introduce you to the special colors and flavors of the Land of Israel. Zimertop allows you to reveal a world full of experiences and now the choice is in your hands, we can only recommend you to choose smartly, choose Zimertop!