Elite IDF soldier remembered as heroic during Mt. Herzl funeral

His commander called him "one of the best fighters" during his eulogy at the funeral.

Ronen Lubarsky Z"L (photo credit: INGIMAGE + IDF SPOKESPERSON)
Ronen Lubarsky Z"L
"You were so modest," Arik Lubarsky eulogized his brother, Staff Sergeant Ronen Lubarsky, as the latter was laid to rest on Jerusalem's Mount Herzl on Sunday. "Everyone loves you, you always fought and you were more extraordinary than everyone else."
Lubarsky, 20, a soldier in the elite Duvdevan commando unit died from injuries sustained during an arrest of Palestinian terrorists, the army announced on Saturday. He sustained injuries when he was hit on the head by a large slab of marble during an operation aimed at arresting a terror cell involved in recent shooting attacks. 
His commander called him "one of the best fighters" during his eulogy at the funeral in Israel's national cemetery.
"You were taught the values of contribution, born to a family of fighters," he said. "You were one of the best fighters in the unit, and you died the death of a hero defending the citizens of Israel."
"The terrorist did not want to hurt you, he wanted to hurt us all," his cousin eulogized, "We will be very strong. I promise you that we will live great lives, I am proud of you."
"It is inconceivable," his former teacher, Batya Bar-Shavit, told 103 FM radio Sunday before the funeral procession. "Ronen was a magical student. Outstanding in studies, good-hearted, loved by his friends, modest. A person of values, we're all shocked and hurt. Today we understand that he really was a superstar in everything he did," she continued.
She said the funeral procession that departed for Mount Herzl was formed of three buses of teachers, classmates and students. She explained "since 10th grade he said it was his dream to reach Duvdevan and he said he would do anything to join the unit."
"It wasn't simple for him," she said of Lubarsky, "and he specially trained — and succeeded."
Anna Ahronheim contributed to this report.