Extreme heatwave begins to break slightly, rain expected Sunday

More significant drops in the temperature are expected over the weekend with rain forecast for Sunday.

Lifeguard tower at Dead Sea beach (photo credit: THE TAMAR REGIONAL COUNCIL)
Lifeguard tower at Dead Sea beach
An extreme heatwave that's brought Israel wildfires, heatstroke and record-breaking electricity use finally began to break somewhat on Thursday with more significant temperature drops expected over the weekend. In a different form of unseasonable weather, rain is expected in Israel on Sunday.
On Thursday, temperatures in cities along the coast and in the Shfela region are expected to drop slightly, but will still be at heatwave levels.
A wildfire broke out in Kfar Majar in northern Israel on Thursday. A number of houses near the fire were evacuated due to heavy smoke in the area and no injuries were reported.
On Friday, temperatures will drop more significantly, with average temperatures along the coast at around 80F (27C). Temperatures will continue to fall on Saturday, bringing them back to the average for this time of year. On Sunday, rain is expected in north and central Israel, with isolated thunderstorms possible. In the northern Negev, light rains are possible. There is a slight risk of flash floods in the Jordan Valley, Judean Desert and Dead Sea area on Sunday.
The forecast temperatures on Thursday are:
>Haifa: High: 90F (32C) Low: 73F (23C)
>Tiberias: High: 108F (42C) Low: 70F (21C)
>Tel Aviv: High: 93F (34C) Low: 75F (24C)
>Jerusalem: High: 97F (36C) Low: 81F (27C)
>Beersheba: High: 106F (41C) Low: 72F (22C)
>Eilat: High: 104F (40C) Low: 82F (28C)