Israeli Kibbutz Tirat Zvi holds the 3rd highest temperature ever recorded

The Kibbutz was established on June 30, 1937, as a "Tower and Stockade" settlement intended to mark the southern limit of Jewish settlements in the Bet Shean valley.

Temperatures continue to rise across Israel as heatwave stretches on

Temperatures in the Jordan Valley area of Beit She'an will hit 43 degrees Celsius, making it the area hit hardest by the heatwave outside of Eilat.

Thousands flock to Tel Aviv beaches during April 22 heat wave.

Brace for heatwaves: weekend Israeli weather forecast

There will be an increase in temperatures in the mountains and in the interior of the country and it will be hotter than usual for the season.

Can Israeli innovation help fight the climate crisis?

With the current climate crisis, Israeli and international companies were sent to look for technological solutions.

By Lior Novik/Maariv

Rhode Island restaurant posts Anne Frank meme, apologizes

The meme posted by the restaurant depicts a picture of Anne Frank with the caption, "It is hotter in here than an oven...and I should know."

Heat exhaustion: What is it and how can it be treated or prevented?

Heat exhaustion comes from overheating and high temperatures and isn't usually serious - but it can become something life threatening if measures aren't taken to cool down.

Human-caused climate change increases risk of extreme heatwaves - study

The researchers linked the 2021 North American heatwave to greenhouse gas emissions.

Ant hivemind behaves like a neural network when making decisions -study

When facing rising temperatures, colonies collectively evacuate the nest when the ground becomes too warm, It is almost as if the colony of ants has a greater, collective mind.

Heat waves are most dangerous in cold countries -Soroka Med

Much of Europe has been sweltering under temperatures near 40 degrees centigrade, sending residents of England, France, Italy and elsewhere to historical fountains in cities to jump in and cool off.

How is the UK heatwave caused by climate change?

The ongoing heatwave has devastated the UK and parts of Europe due to years of severe greenhouse gas emissions. And at this rate, it may get much worse

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