Israeli toddler who was locked in car for hours pronounced dead

MDA medics evacuated her to the Soroka hospital while performing CPR on her, where her death was later determined.

Unprecedented and extreme weather to hit Middle East, Mediterranean

The German and Cypriot researchers that conducted the research warn that this will soon become a reality unless “immediate, ambitious and transboundary climate action is taken.”

Israeli Kibbutz Tirat Zvi holds the 3rd highest temperature ever recorded

The Kibbutz was established on June 30, 1937, as a "Tower and Stockade" settlement intended to mark the southern limit of Jewish settlements in the Bet Shean valley.

Thousands flock to Tel Aviv beaches during April 22 heat wave.

Brace for heatwaves: weekend Israeli weather forecast

There will be an increase in temperatures in the mountains and in the interior of the country and it will be hotter than usual for the season.

Heat exhaustion: What is it and how can it be treated or prevented?

Heat exhaustion comes from overheating and high temperatures and isn't usually serious - but it can become something life threatening if measures aren't taken to cool down.

Heat waves are most dangerous in cold countries -Soroka Med

Much of Europe has been sweltering under temperatures near 40 degrees centigrade, sending residents of England, France, Italy and elsewhere to historical fountains in cities to jump in and cool off.

  y. Purchase a mirror that can be placed on a baby's car seat to help make drives easier

South Florida toddler dies after being left in a hot car outside a Jewish school

Florida has the second-highest number of hot car deaths in the United States.

By Jackie Hajdenberg/JTA

This fan trick will help you sleep better in the summer heat

Do you sleep worse in the summer? Don’t panic, this will pass when the heatwave dissipates, but there’s a really simple method to get cool right now.

By Walla!

Our brains can reach over 40°C - study

When it’s 40 degrees Celsius, it’s so hot that we fall into bed exhausted and depleted. Yet new research has found that certain parts of our brains are at this high temperature. How is this possible?

By Walla!

You make me so hot: Attractiveness rises in worms exposed to higher temps - study

The study shows that environmental stressors can indirectly cause genetic changes through epigenetic inheritance.

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