Feiglin invites public to join him on Temple Mount

MKs host events in their succa as holiday turns political.

Moshe Feiglin
While Succot has never been a particularly political holiday, MKs traditionally use it as an opportunity to host massive events for their political loyalists. This year, Likud MK Moshe Feiglin will celebrate Succot on the Temple Mount, while other legislators will be hosting parties in their succot.
Feiglin’s Monday morning gathering is probably the most controversial of these events.
His loyalists in the Likud’s Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) forum will pray together at the Western Wall and then ascend with him to the Temple Mount to commemorate the commandment of making a pilgrimage to the holy site on the festival.
His invitation asks his loyalists to prepare for ascending the Temple Mount according to Jewish law, and to bring their dancing shoes and good spirits along with the Four Species used on the holiday.
Meanwhile, President Reuven Rivlin and his wife Nehama have invited the public to come to their succa at the President’s Residence on Monday.
Transportation Minister Israel Katz will host a huge event on Sunday at his succa in Kfar Ahim that is expected to attract hundreds of Likud activists and most of the Likud faction. The same night, Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz will be hosting a large event at his succa in Kochav Yair, and Likud activists who are loyal to former welfare and social services minister Moshe Kahlon will host an event with him in Moshav Zeitan.
Yesh Atid is hosting events at its branches around the country, including large events in Hod Hasharon and Afula. Bayit Yehudi will hold an event on Tuesday for the party’s MKs and activists in Netanya.