Formula 1 Peace Road Show returns to Jerusalem

World-class race cars and drivers from Porsche, Ferrari and Audi to traverse streets outside Old City for second year.

Jerusalem Formula Road Show (photo credit: REUTERS)
Jerusalem Formula Road Show
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Over one year after mesmerizing residents and visitors of the capital with the world’s most advanced race cars, the Formula One Peace Road Show is returning to traverse Jerusalem’s streets Monday and Tuesday.
Following a Monday press conference featuring Mayor Nir Barkat and several of the drivers participating in the event, the three-hour procession will begin to roar its cacophony of engines outside the Old City’s walls at 3:30 p.m.
According to Barkat, last year’s June road show attracted over 250,000 visitors, creating a much-needed injection of capital into the city’s struggling economy.
As tourism rates continue to dip considerably in the shadow of Operation Protective Edge and incessant rioting throughout the turbulent summer, Barkat said he hopes this year’s event will once again draw huge crowds from all sectors of the capital and country.
In a statement on Sunday, the mayor noted the success of last year’s road show, which peacefully brought Arabs and Jews together.
“Images of Formula One cars driving through the city brought the world a message that Jerusalem is an open and inviting city – a city of culture and sport enjoyed by all residents and all visitors,” he said.
“I invite everyone to come to Jerusalem and enjoy the amazing international show of surprises, and a lot of new attractions,” he added.
Indeed, last year’s unprecedented and somewhat surreal juxtaposition of the world’s fastest race cars thundering past the Old City’s walls was witnessed equally by Jews, Muslims and Christians with a shared sense of awe and excitement.
This year’s show, which will have a heightened police presence, will feature cars from Porsche, Ferrari and Audi driven by internationally celebrated racers, as well as motorcycle stunt drivers.
The event will resume Tuesday during the same time frame, the municipality said.