Hamas attempts to recruit West Bank, Jerusalem residents - via satellite

Hamas agents used agreed upon codes via Al-Aqsa TV to gain the trust of those they wanted to recruit to carry out terrorist attacks in Israel.

Hamas attempts to recruit West Bank, Jerusalem residents - via satellite, February 13, 2019 (Shin Bet)
Hamas is attempting to recruit West Bank and Jerusalem residents to join its ranks via social networks and television, with an emphasis to attract those who carry Israeli papers, Shin Bet said on Wednesday. 
Recruiters use social media such as Facebook alongside Al-Aqsa TV as means to recruit Palestinians, including women, to carry out attacks within Israel.
The Hamas-run television channel had been used to transmit coded messages between the recruiters and their would-be agents.
By placing a coffee cup in an agreed upon moment or citing a specific verse from the Quran, the recruiters were able to gain the trust of their targets. 
Hamas showed a great deal of interest in recruiting Palestinian residents of Jerusalem who have Israeli papers and can travel in the country freely, unlike West Bank residentsת who were asked to carry out stabbing attacks or suicide-bombing missionsת those holding Israeli ID's were asked to photograph sites Hamas thought to be important. 
Security services made several arrests and were able to prevent the attacks.