Horoscope: First steps in the maturation process

Kislev with Jupiter in Capricorn this year inspires through introspection, the practical manifestation of abundance, embodiment of dreams and real-world modeling of goodwill, generosity and idealism.

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Horoscopes for Hodesh Kislev 5780
Hodesh Kislev: Hodesh Kislev (November 28 – December 27) is usually the most jovial of months, chiefly because Kislev’s ruling planet Jupiter (Tzedek) is connected to optimism, inspirational ideas, and hope. This year Kislev takes a turn toward the serious when Jupiter enters Saturn/Shabtai-ruled Capricorn on December 2, where he’ll be transiting until his conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of the Jewish people, in December 2020. The Jupiter-Saturn “Great Conjunction” has been an important part of historic Jewish messianic speculation since the early Middle Ages. This year, Kislev 5780 marks the beginning of this significant planetary process climaxing in December 2020. Will it be “good for the Jews”? Only time will tell.
Kislev’s Tribe is Benjamin, portrayed on his flag as a ravening wolf on a rainbow background. Benjamin’s fierceness is focused on issues of unity and inclusion. His flag’s rainbow background incorporates the colors of all the tribes, who unite as one in the Holy of Holies, located in Benjamin’s tribal portion nestled within the larger Tribe of Yehuda, upon whose land the Holy Temple stood. The full moon in Gemini December 11 exposes multifaceted allegiances, the spiritual light of Hanukkah, which falls on the winter solstice, December 21-22, pierces divisions, exposes sectarian biases and illuminates the illusion of fragmentation. The annular solar eclipse/new moon in Capricorn December 26 reveals where we may lack maturity, wisdom, patience and endurance. These qualities must be integrated, or we will suffer the ill effects of immaturity, ignorance, and impatience, especially around issues of the resources we all share: this Earth and the environment we all have in common.
Kislev with Jupiter in Capricorn this year inspires through introspection, the practical manifestation of abundance, the embodiment of dreams, and real-world modeling of goodwill, generosity and idealism. These are Kislev’s gifts that keep on giving!
Your classical ruler Ma’adim/Mars in Scorpio all month bestows you with enormous personal charismatic power, bordering on the magnetically irresistible, peaking December 13 with the trine of Mars to Neptune in Pisces. Can you be trusted to wield this power responsibly? Yes, with help from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn December 19-22, responsibility gets a grip on passion and supports practices and policies aimed toward achieving your long-term goals and/or dream come true. The difference between the two is purely viability and planning! Focus on the worthiest passion and vote with your feet by putting your whole self into it.
Noga/Venus in practical Capricorn through December 20 invites you to enhance your definition of value to include that which is beyond price. The beauty of a beloved smile, precious and all too brief moments with a loved one: this month enhances your sense of the fleeting fragility of life. By December 22 you may embrace new friends, acquaintances and romantic interests who are unusual, unique and completely different than your usual cup of tea. Dabbling in the weird feels wonderful right now; vigorous, life-enhancing and downright delightful. Expect divine revelations by the Capricorn solar eclipse/new moon December 25!
The full moon in Gemini December 11 is your annual personal full moon, and with planetary ruler Kochav/Mercury in positive, confident, “I believe in miracles” Sagittarius from December 9, you’re an open-minded optimist this month, susceptible to superlatives and swelling enthusiasm. Tribal leader Zebulun’s travel-honed communicative skills urge caution at Mercury’s square to nebulous Neptune in Pisces December 20: navigating this transit through a sea of distortion requires truth-telling and diligent fact-checking. Don’t let the urge to exaggerate distort your communications; resist inflating facts and let the plain unvarnished truth speak for itself, which it will do quite eloquently.
Moon-ruled Cancer during the month of Hanukkah flows from first quarter moon in dreamy Pisces December 3 to the full moon in data-driven Gemini December 11. You’re trying to determine “Just the facts, Ma’am,” the truth and nothing but the truth: your investigations go deep, revealing undistorted, dispassionate reality by the last quarter Virgo moon December 18. The solar eclipse/new moon in earthy, pragmatic Capricorn December 25 triggers old memories while illuminating a new vision for your future, informed by the past but wiser, more mature, prepared to meet challenges ahead with battle-tempered strength.
Once a year the sun makes a conjunction to wherever Tzedek/Jupiter happens to be, and that’s often Leo’s favorite day of the year, as nothing suits proud, playful, passionate Leo more than the supersizing of sunny enthusiasm. That day comes December 27, when the sun/Jupiter conjunction occurs in Capricorn for the first time since 2008. What gets giganticized this year for Leo is responsibility, structure and self-control. Channel Tribal ruler Simeon’s great pride and passion reigned in by patience and self-discipline. This great gift will yield stunning results, including a noticeable uptick in (deserved) respect and admiration from others.
Ruling planet Kochav/Mercury in solar opposite Sagittarius December from December 9 is blunt, obnoxiously truthful and searches for the meaning behind mere informational data. The full Gemini moon December 11 offers so many social and networking options it’s almost overwhelming. Last quarter moon in Virgo December 18 has you separating fact from fiction, hyperbole from a sober assessment of bottom-line reality, especially around the prospects of any kind of merger of resources with a partner. The Mercury-Neptune square December 19-20 challenges perceptions. Trust what you know to be true even if what you seem to be seeing appears distorted!
Ruling planet Noga/Venus in Capricorn through December 19 asks if you can put a price on the intrinsic value of beauty. Your reply: Of course not, but make me an offer! You may run into an unusual opportunity to profit from your legendary good taste and artistic eye but only if the project/people involved align with your personal values around social justice. Venus enters individualistic, iconoclastic Aquarius December 20, just in time for Hanukkah, during which you’ll attract everyone from the charmingly unique to the downright weird and everyone in between, especially if they’re unusual or different in some way.
Ma’adim/Mars in his own sign of Scorpio all month is just the energetic and soul-nourishing refreshment you need. Your powerful life force is regenerated, and you feel renewed after what has been in retrospect a long uphill battle. You’re able to connect to the kind of transcendent, intimate spiritual connection you live and long for when Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces December 13. The cynicism you’ve developed around communities you’ve been a part of stems from feelings of hurt and exclusion. Rise above those now to salvage important relationships by the solar eclipse/new moon in Capricorn December 25.
Planetary ruler Tzedek/Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn December 1, refocusing your efforts toward developing self-control and self-respect. It’s not the most fun transit of Jupiter but it is one of the most useful if you consciously take advantage of the energetic opportunity to supersize maturity very quickly. Business opportunities, career and vocation upgrades and the adding of responsibility in areas in which you already carry a lot of weight are on the horizon. The solar eclipse/new moon December 25 followed by the sun/Jupiter conjunction, both in Capricorn, may make your financial situation a surprising offer you can’t refuse.
The next 12 months are going to be huge and intense for you. Tzedek/Jupiter enters Capricorn December 2, joining your planetary ruler Shabtai/Saturn and Pluto as they head toward their conjunction in January 2020. Jupiter in Capricorn enlarges practicality, perseverance and pragmatism. The sun enters your sign on the winter solstice December 21; a solar eclipse/new moon in Capricorn December 25 doubles down on all your best qualities: patience, endurance, self-control, wisdom, sobriety and equanimity. You will need all these gifts as powerful tests of your drive and determination await you. Guard your immune system with excellent self-care now.
Ideas you’ve been floating suddenly reach the right people around the full Gemini moon December 11. Modern planetary ruler Oron/Uranus in Taurus trine Tzedek/Jupiter in Capricorn December 15 may bring big surprises, shockingly original opportunities, and weirdly futuristic yet completely practical innovations your way. Noga/Venus in Aquarius by December 20 offers fresh insight into what really gives you pleasure. Friends are always important to you; this month even more so as you find how important you are to them! Appreciation and gratitude for your help and generosity come from unexpected sources by the Capricorn solar eclipse/new moon December 25.
The first quarter moon in imaginative Pisces December 3 stokes your imagination, but because you’re walking a fine line this month between the Sagittarius sun square to ruling planet Neptune December 8 and Mercury square Neptune December 20, you’re unusually susceptible to exaggeration, hyperbole and downright distortion. Best to error on the side of caution and triple-check all your facts and even your trusted sources. The Gemini full moon December 11 offers almost too much information; drowning in data obscures the big picture and the view you need to see to understand the overarching situation is an aerial one.
Author and multi-media communicator Lorelai Kude began her career as a professional astrologer in the 1980s. She holds a BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a MA in Jewish Studies from Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where her thesis topic was astrology in Jewish cultural history. Find more of her work at astrolojew.com