IDF draft dodger released from mandatory service after 100 days in prison

Brachfeld was imprisoned four times by the IDF.

Conscientious objector Ayelet Brachfeld  (photo credit: MESARVUT)
Conscientious objector Ayelet Brachfeld
(photo credit: MESARVUT)
The IDF released an 18-year-old secular conscientious objector from mandatory military service on Tuesday after she spent 100 days in military prison due to her refusal to draft.
Ayelet Brachfeld, from Tel Aviv, initially expressed her refusal to draft to the IDF in February when she was first called to the IDF's Tel HaShomer enlistment center, declaring her opposition to IDF violence "as a way of solving the conflict."
Brachfeld was subsequently imprisoned four times by the IDF, 100 days in total, for her persistent refusal to draft before being granted exemption not to serve in the army on Tuesday.
Upon her release from military prison on Tuesday, Brachfeld said: "At the end of personal battle for an exemption from security service, I can only think of those whose battle is not yet over and are paying a much heavier price - the Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza."
Brachfeld was supported during her campaign by "Mesarvut," a network of political objectors that writes letters, creates initiatives and organizes groups of objectors from recent years to carry out joint actions.