israeli draft

Haredi man and IDF soldiers in Jerusalem.
The haredi draft bill shouldn’t be part of religion and state relations

Strategically when you mix up two separate issues, you may be liable to lose on both sides.

Going to Work

There is fear the new conscription bill could set Israel back, as haredim are able to once again postpone service, which has tended to be an indicator of integration into the economy.

Young haredim take part in a protest against mandatory IDF conscription, March 2018
The new conscription plan: Taking the easy route to inequality

Though many ultra-Orthodox politicians expressed outrage at the original publishing of this new bill, some view the proposal as a double achievement.

Former IDF chief working on plan to draft all haredim and Arabs

The draft plan could be a stepping stone for Gantz to enter politics.

IDF soldiers participating in the Or HaDagan Northern Command drill, September, 2017.
IDF reservists call to investigate US funding promoting draft-dodging

“It is our belief that the direct financing of activities that endorse draft dodging is unacceptable, especially between respectable allies and friends like the United States and Israel.”

Students pen letter refusing draft: IDF implements policy of racist gov't

The students called on other youth to question and refuse enlistment in the IDF.

WATCH: Police suppress Haredi draft protest with skunk water, force

Police have employed skunk water and other physical methods to disperse the crowds and have arrested at least 25 men so far.

Police arrest a haredi man protesting against the drafting of ultra-Orthodox into the IDF, October 2
Police: We handled haredi draft protesters carefully and cautiously

90 of the 120 men arrested have been released, though smaller-scale demonstrations have continued.

September 17, 2017: Torah and the draft

Reuven Hammer makes it clear that Jewish law not only fails to exempt Torah students from serving in a national Jewish army, but clearly makes it mandatory.

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