WATCH: IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza Strip, including Hamas HQ

In retaliation for Hamas rockets attack on southern Israel, the IDF struck 80 targets, including five Hamas military sites.

IAF strike destroys Hamas Security Service HQ in Gaza October 26 2018
IDF forces struck 80 Hamas targets during Friday night in retaliation to Hamas rockets attacks, the IDF spokesperson's Unit said on Saturday morning.
The headquarters of the Hamas General Security Service in the Daraj Quarter of Gaza were destroyed by the IAF.
The IDF warned any residents to evacuate the four story building before it was targeted.
In addition to Hamas HQ, the IDF struck two advanced weapons production sites near Netzarim and five military compounds used by Hamas in Khan Yunis, Deir al-Balah, Tel Zaatar and Jabalia.
In addition, a Hamas outpost in Beit Lahia was destroyed and a Khan Yunis terror tunnel opening was targeted.
The IDF said that the Hamas terror organization "bears the responsibility to all that is taking place in the Gaza Strip" and that the IDF is "determined to carry out its mission to protect the citizens of Israel."