IDI launches innovative 'tag yourself' initiative

With the Israel Democracy Institute's "tag yourself" online survey, citizens can determine how they fare in comparison to their fellow citizens.

IDI's 'tag yourself' initiative  (photo credit: Courtesy)
IDI's 'tag yourself' initiative
(photo credit: Courtesy)
For those wondering where they fall in the political spectrum of Israeli society, the Israel Democracy Institute has launched an innovative new program that uncovers exactly that.
With its "tag yourself" online survey, one can determine how they fare in comparison to their fellow citizens.
How proud are you to be an Israeli? Will the corruption investigations impact your vote in the next election? How hard are members of Knesset working to affect change? These are just some of the eleven burning questions respondents are invited to answer while visiting the think-tank's website.
In addition to receiving a personal email revealing one's individual results, the survey's complete findings will be presented at the president's residence on Monday at a festive ceremony.
These questions are a sample from IDI's annual Israeli Democracy Index survey for 2018. The index, which is now in its 16th year, is a flagship project for the institute that offers a comprehensive overview of the current state of Israel's democracy.
Conducted by their Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research and led by Prof. Tamar Hermann, the index "examines how citizens perceive the functioning of government institutions, the level of solidarity in Israeli society and compares the health of its Democracy in comparison to other countries in world," the organization said in a statement. As such, the survey aims to pin-point the strengths and weaknesses of Israeli democracy in order to improve the country as a whole.
To participate in the "tag yourself" questionnaire, visit: