Israel Democracy Institute

Israel Democracy Institute

Most Israelis think Netanyahu failed in coalition negotiations - poll

Most of the Israeli public felt the Likud gave too many concessions in the negotiations leading up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government.

Haredim set to make up 16% of Israel's population by 2030 - annual IDI report

A new report highlights trends in Israeli ultra-Orthodox society regarding lifestyle, standard of living, education and other fields.

55% of Israelis want IDF to kill terrorists who are no longer a threat - poll

In addition, just under half (45.5%) of Israelis support targeting civilian populations in Gaza to deter rockets being fired into Israel, which marks a jump from 27.5% in 2018.

Who is a Jew? 70% of Jewish Israelis say patrilineal descent doesn't count

The poll is the IDI's biennial statistical report and serves as an in-depth look at the balance between religion and state that is so central to Israel and Israeli society.

Likud's use of reserved slots keep the number of women MKs low - opinion

Opposition head Benjamin Netanyahu's use of reserved slots in Israel's Likud Party has become the focus of bitter competition among women.


Who is to blame for dispute between Finance Ministry, Israeli teachers? - poll

Israelis have their say on the ongoing teachers' crisis as no agreement made yet, two days before Israel's schools are set to open.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Fewer Israelis confident in Biden than Trump on global affairs - poll

In a separate poll, the Israel Democracy Institute found that most Israelis (54%) do not trust Biden to take Israel’s interests into account.

Half of Jewish Israelis support Jewish prayer on Temple Mount - poll

Haredi respondents in an IDI poll were largely opposed to Jewish prayer at the site.


Is the Holocaust different from other genocides in history? - survey

The Democracy Institute's Israeli Voice Index examined the connection between the Holocaust and how Israelis compare it to other events.

Only 18% of Israeli public trusts public security minister - poll

A majority of Israelis expressed concerns about their personal safety amid a wave of terrorist attacks.

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