International women's day: honoring Israel's true superwomen

Amazing women, who despite disabilities caused by tragedy stretch the boundaries of their capabilities, make the world seem a better place.

Maytal Wax (left) and Einat Malka (photo credit: ZAHAL DISABLED VETERANS)
Maytal Wax (left) and Einat Malka
IThis year the IDF's Disabled Veterans Organization is observing International Women's Day by introducing to the world the female disabled veterans who inspire and instill  tremendous motivation to become better and stronger. From the point of view of people without disabilities, they seem like true superwomen.
Saluting Maytal Wax, a disabled Superwoman (ZDVO - Beit Halochem/Youtube)
Maytal Wax
The Story of Einat Malka (ZDVO - Beit Halochem/YOUTUBE)
Maytal was critically wounded in a suicide attack in Tel Aviv. Her body was burned and mangled, she lost her brother and her leg in the attack, but found the courage to regain her life by studying for a Masters degree. Her dreams, however reached far higher: Maytal wanted to be a mother and to show everyone that no wheelchair could stop her from dancing and flying.
Einat Malka
Einat served in the IDF as a physical fitness instructor for combat units and was wounded during a training exercise. As the pain from the injury grow stronger and, over a period of over 10 years turned her life into a nightmare of persistent pain, amputation became the only option. Giving up her leg, in retrospect, meant that she regained life and managed to learn to walk again. Einat, today, is a triathlete and the mother of 3 beautiful children.
The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization works relentlessly to rehabilitate the lives of its more than 50,000 disabled veteran members recognized by the Israel Ministry of Defence. Out of 50,000, 3,256 are women, bearing a wide range of physical and emotional injuries and disabilities.
These thousands of women need love, support and donations to continue to be strong and overcome the long and difficult daily battle to achieve successful rehabilitation. Their story is the story of the State of Israel.
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