IDF Women

Less than 50% of Israeli men believe women are capable of being combat soldiers

Only 65% of Israelis believe a woman can be IDF chief-of-staff; little over half of Israeli men believe women can hold combat positions.

Support for female combat soldiers dependent on sector, study finds

Support for women combat soldiers is roughly the same between men and women.

Filmmakers speak about adapting the saga of the female tank crew for the movies

Currently, Menahemi and Sela are working on researching the story in depth, all of which is being done in coordination with the IDF. 

N12 presenter blasts Israeli war hero for objecting to female fighters in Gaza

Yom Kippur War hero Avigdor Kahalani was confronted about his past comments criticizing the role of women in the Israeli military.

Two Israeli women to enter elite Air Force unit training

Two women to enter elite air force unit 669 training.

WATCH: IDF's first mixed-gender battalion operates in the heart of Gaza

In a hotel used by Hamas as a headquarters, the mixed unit assisted an IDF commando unit in breaking through certain structures to facilitate the commandos' fluid movements.

The IDF women's 'hevra kadisha', an act of true loving kindness

Soldiers in the IDF, male or female, who lose their life while enlisted are taken care of by the army’s hevra kadisha and have the right to be buried in an army cemetery.


Israel's Druze threaten to cut ties with IDF after young woman drafted

Sheikh Muwafaq Tarif warned that "if the State of Israel wishes to maintain its alliance with the Druze community - it must set the record straight."

Women headed for IDF’s prestigious Sayeret Matkal?

The program will begin based on whether there are enough female recruits who meet the rigorous criteria.

Nothing must be allowed to take us away from the sacred duty to serve in the reserves - opinion

Recent protests have seen members of Israel's reserves refuse to serve, this endangers the unity of our Nation.

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