people with disabilities

people with disabilities

New policy change will assist Jews with disabilities make aliyah

This dramatic change in policy will assist new olim to receive recognition from the appropriate welfare offices prior to their arrival, enabling immediate servicing upon their move to Israel.


Israelis with disabilities show their style in Kfar Saba fashion show

The evening's show is one of several events being put on in December in honor of Disability Awareness Month.

Synagogues are joining an ‘effective altruism’ initiative. Will Sam Bankman-Fried scandal stop them

In the wake of FTX’s collapse, Bankman-Fried has suggested that his embrace of EA was insincere, a tactic to bolster his reputation.


Words move hearts - short story

The writer composed this piece 35 years ago and felt it was time to bring it into the light.

World's first disabled astronaut named by European Space Agency

The announcement came as ESA appointed a new set of astronauts for the first time since 2009 after whittling down 22,500 valid applications.


How does the IDF integrate young adults with disabilities?

Special in Uniform is a pioneering JNF-USA affiliate designed to incorporate youths with autism, special needs and disabilities into the IDF.


Benny Gantz participates in event for disabled IDF veterans

Gantz discussed the Defense Ministry's decision to recognize IDF veterans who became severely ill after working in the Kishon River and the "One Soul" reform.

Why people with disabilities have trouble with dentists - opinion

How can boys and girls, or men and women with intellectual and physical disabilities carry them out? For them, just sitting in the chair amid the machinery for long periods is a hardship.

Israel Elections: Why are mobility-impaired voting booths inaccessible? - comment

This wasn’t some nefarious plot to suppress the rights of mobility-impaired Israeli voters. Rather, it was likely just another classic case of Israeli disorganization and bureaucratic inefficiency.


Biking across Israel for Beit Halochem and disabled veterans

There are five different routes for the 180 Canadian, American, British and 120 disabled IDF veterans taking part, including off-roading, touring and extreme sports.

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