Jaffa Theater goes live

The performances will adhere strictly to Health Ministry regulations.

1,001 NIGHTS (photo credit: EYAL LANDSMAN)
1,001 NIGHTS
(photo credit: EYAL LANDSMAN)
Beginning on Thursday, May 21, the Jaffa Theater will go live with four plays from its repertoire, before an audience on the plaza under the open sky, while adhering strictly to Health Ministry regulations, artistic director Igal Ezrati announced this week.
The plays, all of which begin at 8 p.m., are the biographical Umm Kultoom (May 21), with Galit Giat in the title role of the beloved and famed Egyptian singer; 1,001 Nights (May 26), musical theater to enliven Scheherazade’s enlivening tales; a refashioned revival of JT’s popular Tonight We Dance (June 11) that tells the city’s story from 1919-2019; and Farid al-Atrash (June 18), starring Ziv Yehzkel in the title role of the popular Egyptian singer who rose from band musician to superstar.