Jerusalem home adjacent to Arab neighborhood firebombed in terrorist attack

Residential building in Armon HaNatziv chronically targeted by Arab residents of Jabel Mukaber, fire official says.

Israeli Police (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Israeli Police
(photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
A Jewish Jerusalem apartment was allegedly targeted by Arabs with a firebomb Saturday evening, resulting in the residence’s balcony going up in flames before being extinguished by firefighters, police and fire officials said Sunday.
The incident took place at 9:37 p.m. when an unidentified suspect threw the firebomb at the Armon Hanatziv residence, located on Meir Nakar Street in the capital’s East Talpiot neighborhood, Jerusalem District Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Kobe Erev said.
According to Erev, the second- floor apartment of the three-story building was not seriously damaged and no injuries were reported.
“We were able to quickly put it out and the fire did not get inside the home,” he said.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Border Police officers and security personnel promptly arrived at the scene and searched for the suspects in the neighboring Arab neighborhood of Jebl Mukaber.
“Police continue to search the neighborhood and no arrests have been made,” he said on Sunday afternoon.
Erev said the Jewish building and street have been chronically targeted by rock, firecracker and firebomb attacks by Arab residents of Jebl Mukaber, located less than 20 meters away.
“This street is known to have problems,” he said. “It’s very close to Jebl Mukaber and there are a lot of stones thrown at apartments in that building. We’ve been there at least a dozen times over the last few months.”
Erev added that firefighters have also frequently responded to firebombings of Jewish vehicles on the street, as well as fires set to its bus stop.
Indeed, Meir Nakar Street has become so problematic that it has necessitated a 24-7 IDF patrol all year round, he said.
Jebl Mukaber last made international headlines in November when it was determined that the two terrorists responsible for the Har Nof massacre resided there.
The homes of both killers have been ordered by the Interior Ministry to be demolished, and the wife and three children of one of the terrorists have been stripped of state-sponsored benefits and are expected to be deported.
Last month, riot police were called to Meir Nakar Street when dozens of Arabs threw stones and fireworks at officers patrolling the area.