Jerusalem to speed up infrastructure work amid coronavirus lockdown

Work will be done on the light rail, Begin Highway and a number of other roads and projects around the city

Planned extension of the Jerusalem Light Rail (photo credit: JERUSALEM TRANSPORT MASTER TEAM)
Planned extension of the Jerusalem Light Rail
Jerusalem is taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown to speed up infrastructure projects, while avoiding the normal negative impacts on the daily lives of residents that come with many infrastructure projects.
"We are accelerating the pace of infrastructure construction in the city and taking advantage of this less busy time to advance the timetables of projects and expected work in the city as much as possible," said Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion.
The mayor instructed all planning and implementation bodies in the city to increase and significantly speed up work on infrastructure projects.
Work on the extension of the Jerusalem light rail Red Line by the JNET consortium will be accelerated as part of the decision. The municipality hopes to take advantage of the current period when train traffic has been reduced.
The work on the Red Line will take place in the Neve Yaakov and Pisgat Zev neighborhoods and on Arthur Hantke St. and Henrietta Szold St. The work on the intersections in these areas was originally supposed to take place in October, but will instead begin in the coming days.
Teams will dig in the area and place infrastructure and communications for tracks. Once his work is complete, traffic in the area will return to normal.
Roadworks in the city will also be pushed forward to the beginning of May, including the upgrading of roads, sidewalks and lighting, and the planting of trees and flowers, as well as the placing of benches and other furniture. The work will cost a total of NIS 66 million.
The roadwork will take place on the following streets: Ehad Ha'Am, Brenner, Bartenura, Shufan, HaAdmor Mi-Lubavitch, Yosef Shenberger, Adam, Netiv HaMazalot, Brurya, Rabbi Tzadok, Rabbi Ze'ira, Ramban, Kadima, Velos, Kdoshei Struma, Amasa, Patriya and Yetziat Mitzrayim.
The Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation is pushing forward work on the public transportation lane on the Begin Highway by about half a year. Work will begin on the section between the Ben Tzion Interchange and the Yigal Yadin Junction.
As part of the work on the Begin Highway, the 2.5 km road will be expanded to allow for a new public transportation lane without disrupting the already existing three lanes. The work will cost about NIS 30 million.
Work will also also be pushed forward on projects such as the French Hill Junction, the city entrance project, the level separation and underground parking lots on Shazar St, the Sakhrov Gardens Interchange project at the entrance to the city, the new central station next to Ramot and the Arnona Slopes project which includes development and infrastructure work for the new neighborhood which will have 1,800 new housing units.